Bless a Teacher Campaign: Celebrate Daniel!

Daniel is a teacher at El Shadai High School in Burkina Faso, and today we're celebrating him as part of the Bless a Teacher Campaign. Daniel reflects on how a training on the foundations of Christian education has impacted him and his colleagues.

"I would like to thank God for the different moments we have spent in His presence through the different teachings we have received. These ten days [of training] allowed us to have a different vision of Christian education. We were simply talking about God, but through this training we saw that we can do something different to transform those we have before us, namely the students.

This training also allowed us to have a different vision of students. We must know that these are children who were created in the image of God. Our approach to these children must be different now. We know that Christ is the one who called us into teaching. We did not have this conviction before. But now we are really convinced that it is Jesus Christ who places us everywhere. And, wherever we are, we had to glorify him.

What we have received during these ten days of learning will help us a lot in our approach and teaching, so why not share this with our fellow Christian teachers? In this way, we will contribute to a positive change in our society through Christian education.

This is an opportunity to thank AESEB [EduDeo's partner] and EduDeo Ministries for their vision of wanting to implement a Christian transformation program. In the past, we had thought that with our own abilities it was possible to bring about change. But with this training, we saw that we had to give ourselves wholeheartedly for change, especially in the school environment."

Teachers in Burkina Faso will be receiving salary support through the Teacher Relief Fund – join us in cheering them on by giving to the Fund. Your gift will help us reach more teachers like Daniel – teachers that value all their students as image bearers of God.  

Burkinabé students at an AESEB school


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