We Made It!

Praise the Lord, we arrived!

Here's our first blog post from the Dominican Republic! 

We all got to wake up early this morning so that we could make it to the ariport for 4:40am. We were a little separated on the plane which took off at 8:20. It was a very smooth ride, although none of us slept because we were all very excited! 

We landed in Punta Cana at 1:00, (12:00 Eastern Time.) From there we got onto a large van where we spent the next 5 hours (even though it should have only been 3 hours.) 

On the way to our hotel we were able to see lots of things;

- Santa Claus and Christmas decorations, even though it feels like summer

- Lots of motorbikes with very few helmets, and some very crazy traffic

- A beautiful ocean and palm trees

- Lots of community. So many people were outside talking to eachother and spending time with eachother.

- Lots of stray dogs... and cows randomly on the side of the road 

- And lots more :)

When we arrived at the hotel we were warmly welcomed by our awesome hosts; Franklin, Mario, and Guillermo. We brought our bags to our rooms and went to the dining room for a delicious dinner (spaghetti, salad, fried plantain, and very delicious juice!!)

We then sat together and went over orientation with our hosts and ended our day with devotions. 

We are so thankful that God is watching over us and that we arrived safely.

Please keep us in your prayers during this week.

Buenos Noches!


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