Day 9: The Last One

Here we are, the last morning before we leave Belize and go back to our Canadian winter (brrr!). We went on one last walk around town today to visit a local market and enjoy the sun for a little longer. We'll definitely miss the tropical weather, and so much more besides that. This trip has been illuminating and impactful for all of us in different ways. I asked each of the team members what the highlight of this trip was, and here are their answers:

Chelsea: being immersed in a new society and getting to know the locals, especially those from the church.

Jenna: being involved and meeting new people.

Kiara: doing work we knew would make a difference, swimming in the ocean, and being part of a new culture so different from our own.

Chloe: meeting the kids at the preschool and being accepted by the church people.

Steve: sharing a bond with believers halfway across the world.

Erica: socializing with the ladies and the guys who worked with us and getting a glimpse into their lives.

John: our experience on Sunday at church and communing with fellow Christians.

Margaret: working with people from a different culture towards the same goal.

Jake: the open and friendly attitude of the people and the way that they treated us.

Lee: the way that the hole squared up and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Ron: the boat ride and the Mayan ruins.

Eve: our excellent accomadations and using the hammer drill.

Cody: my roommates (Ron and Steve) and spending time in the hammock.

Mikah: seeing the beauty of God's creation and His work in the lives of other believers. 

We're looking forward to being back with friends and family, but we also hope and pray that the impact this trip has had on us will remain. Thank you for your prayers and support on our journey, and we'll see (some of) you soon!


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