A day of Worship and extremes

Sunday a day of worship.

Our day started with a God inspired devotional by Ian, several of our team members where deeply moved.


The Spanish speaking church we attended was connected to the school that we are working on.

James 2:5 says “Listen to me dear brothers and sisters.  Hasn’t God chosen the poor in this world to be rich in faith?” This passage came to life right before our eyes.  We witnessed a level of faith and worship rarely seen in North America.   Our team had the privilege to sing a song for the congregation, we sang “Bless the Lord oh my soul” as we sang the 3rd verse of this song the church worship band joined us. It is impossible to describe this experience other than with our week long team theme “His presence changes everything”. The pastor commented to the entire congregation that while we were singing they could feel the Holy Spirit moving.

While the congregation worshiped several of our team were visually moved. The pastor said “that in heaven there will be no language barrier we would all be speaking the same language”


After the service the pastor, who was the founder of the Christian school took us on a walk about around the community. We were all impacted by seeing people just like us living in a level of poverty that only a picture can truly describe but never fully reveal.


From the church service we went for Pizza and some ocean time to re-charge.


We traveled to a downtown mall that would match any high end North American mall, it had high end sport stores and designer jean outlets, it was a 4 level mall with one entire level dedicated to typical North American food chains.


It is a lot to process seeing the two extremes of finances in this culture. Most of our team is still processing this.  Today some of our team experienced many first's


We are looking forward to getting back to the work site tomorrow and are praying for cloud cover.



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