Day 4: Church, Beach, and Brotherhood

Hola Friends and Family,

Today was a day of rest and restoring that I believe we all truly needed. As it’s Sunday today, we started the day by nourishing our bodies and heading to the local church (right next to the school we are working on).

Church was a new experience for all of us. Most of the service was in Spanish, but boy were we blessed. We were able to be introduced to many Spanish tunes, with lots of dancing and heartfelt worship. Testimonies were given, and we had a truly special gift of partaking in Communion with our brothers and sisters here in the Dominican Republic. We also attempted to bless them with singing How Great is our God, in Spanish (Cuan Grande es Mi Dios).

After Church, we got a tour of the village by Guillermo and Mateo. We were able to get a true vision of the poverty surrounding the community and how the Church is actively trying to change the poverty, but also the hearts of community.

Then for the afternoon, we took in a much-needed break at the beach, enjoying food and each others company.

Finally, we ended the day with our daily praise and worship, as well as sharing. I would count this as the highlight of the day, as we have developed a special relationship with one another. We have truly become brothers in Christ, as we have shared our broken lives with one another, while bringing glory to God for making us a new creation, and one He cherishes at that. We continue to lift each other in prayer, while keeping our families at home covered in prayer as well.

Tomorrow we head back to the school to continue building the wall that will enclose the basketball court.

God Bless,


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