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At EduDeo we greatly value partnership.

We know that what we accomplish together is far more than what we can do on our own. We need each other!

Fundraising involves entering into a partnership where everyone involved has something to give and something to receive. Fundraisers aren't transactions, but opportunities to develop a transformational relationship. We know fundraising can be difficult, time-consuming and even overwhelming, but it can also be energizing, rewarding, and fun. That's why we want to provide opportunities for you to support our partners and give you the resources you need to be successful fundraisers.

In this special edition of The Chrysalis we're equipping you with two exceptional resources: The EduDeo GO: School Edition How-To Guide and the EduDeo Fundraising Guide for Schools.

We've compiled tips and instructions from educators, EduDeo staff, and best practices all to make your fundraising & events with EduDeo smooth and enjoyable. The How-To Guide walks you through running an EduDeo GO: School Edition program from beginning to end. The Fundraising Guide has event ideas, scripts to ask for donations, tips on creating promo material, and much more. 

May these resources be a blessing to you and an encouragement to join in a partnership with us. As Paul says in 2 Corinthians 9:11: You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.

EduDeo GO: School Edition - How it Works

EduDeo GO: School Edition is a physical activity program for classes, schools, groups, or teams. You can run an event for however long you want, from wherever you want (even if your classes are fully online!)

Step 1: Sign Up - Join with a few students, your whole class, or as entire school. Choose a team leader and email Laurie to sign up. Each student can have their own profile, or you can have one profile for your whole class or school.

Step 2: Set Goals - Set physical activity goals (these can be whole-class goals or individual goals for each student). You can walk, run, bike, swim, skip, dance, jump rope... anything active!

Step 3: Get Donations - Set a fundraising goal and ask your community for donations in support of The Education Formula (girls’ education) campaign.

Who’s in charge of setting up profiles and tracking progress? Laurie will set up your team leader’s profile and give your team leader (teacher, volunteer, or parent) administrator status to finish setting things up. From there, you’ll have all the control over your profiles and progress.

Where can an EduDeo GO: School Edition event be run? At school, at home, or both! Whether your classes are in-person, virtual, or a mix, you can run an event from wherever you and your students are.

Who can participate in the event? Any student or adult (educators, volunteers, parents, etc.), even if you have physical limitations.

How long can our event be? As long or as short as you want. Whether it’s a day, week, month, or longer – it’s totally up to you.

Starting April 21, email me to sign up for EduDeo GO: School Edition:

The EduDeo GO: School Edition How-To Guide

Now that you know how GO: School Edition works, use the guide to run a successful event! We'll walk you through planning, provide a participation letter template, and give suggestions for integrating learning into the event. 

Download the how-to guide here:

The EduDeo Fundraising Guide for Schools

This guide has everything you need to be an all star fundraiser! We have tips for setting goals, advice from experts, ideas for a variety of events, and scripts to help you ask for donations. Fundraising may seem intimidating, but the guide will ease your mind and make you an expert in no time.  

Download the fundraising guide here:

Invite Laurie into your classroom!

Your school year has been filled with both in-person and online learning - and I'm here to support you no matter what. I will happily come visit your school as restrictions allow, or talk with your class and school over a screen. Let's get to know each other and get your school involved with EduDeo.

Email or call 289-880-4977

Follow @edudeo_schools on Instragram

Have you heard? We have an Instagram account dedicated to Canadian schools and educators! 

That's right - we're ready to engage with you, your school, and your class on social media. We're promoting EduDeo resources, events, ways to get involved, and so much more.

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