Road2Hope: School Edition

Get your school involved

Road2Hope: School Edition is an exciting event for Christian schools in Canada to raise funds for EduDeo Ministries – impacting children around the world through Christian education.

Through this fundraising program, Canadian Christian schools have the opportunity to help children in developing countries experience quality, Christ-centered education. Students will have fun learning about other schools and cultures, while being encouraged to stay active and healthy.

Road2Hope: School Edition takes place during the Fall season and can follow a format that works best for you: whether a full day, half-day, or during class time (ie. gym class). It can be a simple race, or a more interactive, learning event with various activity stations. We will provide you with helpful resources and materials in a free, easy-to-follow Planning Kit that will help your school raise awareness about the need for quality, Christ-centered education internationally.

If you would like to host Road2Hope: School Edition at your school, please contact us to find out more!

Benefits of Road2Hope

Why should your school participate?

  • To gain a greater understanding of the global Christian community;
  • To educate students about different cultures;
  • To promote a deeper awareness about needs around the world;
  • To educate your students about an active lifestyle;
  • To boost school spirit in the attitude of sharing God's love;
  • To grow more in the knowledge and love of God through learning and serving.

We really enjoyed participating in the program last year. We took the chapel materials and used some of the ideas. On the day of the event we hiked our cross-country trail. It was a beautiful day for a fall hike and we took about an hour and a half to enjoy the hike as a school. Only the kindergarteners made a smaller trek!

~ A Participating School

Planning Kit

Your school will be provided with a free, easy-to-follow Planning Kit, which includes:

  • Basic planning logistics;
  • Assembly/chapel ideas;
  • Possible activities to incorporate;
  • Engaging fundraising ideas;
  • Running and active living teaching information;
  • Information about children in other countries;
  • Road2Hope posters;
  • Pledge envelopes;
  • Resource CD;
  • And more!