Road2Hope Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the race times?

~9:15 am - 1K Run for Kidz (7-12 yrs) (Costume Run)

9:30 am - 1K Run for Kidz (2-6 yrs) (Costume Run)

10:00 am - 5K Run and Family Walk

11:30 am - 10K Run

**PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY - there will be over 2000 other runners and traffic to get to Confederation Park and finding parking and picking up your race kit can take a fair bit of time. Consider aiming to arrive at least 1 hour in advance to save yourself stress.

How do I get to the race/where do I park? 

Road2Hope takes place at Confederation Park.  A map will be provided for you to use to find the Park.  Once you are in Confederation Park, follow the parking signs.  It will be very busy, since this is a large event for various charities – please give yourself plenty of time to arrive, park, and find the EduDeo booth.

To avoid congestion when arriving at Confederation Park there are 3 exits off the QEW that should be used:

  1. Woodward Ave
  2. Centennial Parkway
  3. Fruitland Rd (Exit) to North Service Road

Where do I go to pick up my kit at the Road2Hope?

First head to the registration tent to the EduDeo Table (Found just inside the doors to your left. Look for our banner.) to drop off any donations and to pick up your race shirt. After head to the main table to pick up your kit package.

Race Kit Pick Up & Expo @ Confederation Park - for all races

Friday, November 3: 1 pm - 6 pm

Saturday, November 4:

  • Race Kit pick-up - 8 am - 4:00 pm
    **Please note HALF & FULL MARATHON runners - there is ABSOLUTELY NO SAME-DAY PICK UP (no pick-up on Sunday, November 5).
  • Expo & KIDS ZONE - 9 am - 1 pm

Do I pick up a race shirt from both EduDeo Ministries and from Road2Hope?

You will receive one shirt for registering. If you registered before September 30, you will have filled in your shirt size on the online application. You will pick up your race shirt at the EduDeo registration table. However, if you registered October 1 or later, shirts are on a first come first serve basis. If you are not notified by EduDeo that there is still a shirt available for you, then you will pick your shirt up from Road2Hope/Runners Den. 

Half & Full Marathon Information

What are the race times?

5:00 - 6:45 am - Buses leave for start of Half & Full Marathon races from CONFEDERATION PARK

Full Marathon - 7:45 am

Half Marathon - 8:00 am

Awards Presentations - 11:30 am


Please note that daylight savings time takes effect on race weekend. Please adjust your 
clocks accordingly and enjoy an extra hour's sleep! 

Where can I see the route map?

There will be a large route map for the half and full marathon posted in the registration tent as well as at the information tent.

Can I have a copy of the route map?

We plan to have copies of the half and full race routes available at the information desk on a first come first serve basis. 

How long is the bus ride to the ArcelorMittal Park (start line)?

About 15 minutes

Where is the baggage pick up?

The bagage tent is the Registration tent and is the tent that is fartherst right facing the lake.

Where is the results board?

Results boards will be posted near the Eating Tent and between the finish line and the tents.

How does the chip work? How do we know when it is activated?

The chip is embedded into your race bib. It is activated by scanners in the mats. As you cross the staring mat the chip is activated. When you cross the finish line the time is registered. It is important that you do not cover your race bib with clothing.

Road closure information for Sunday, November 5

Northbound Red Hill Expressway all accesses from past Dartnall Rd. to QEW, closed at 7am. Expect delays on Centennial Parkway & Mud Street from 7:30am to 10am. Also expect delays at Barton Street & RHVP as well as Beach Road to North Service Road by Confederation Park.

Click here for a detailed map of the Marathon Route.

Click here for a detailed map of the Half-Marathon Route.


Do I need to be a ‘pro’ runner to participate?

Absolutely not. While many come to race and with hopes of beating ‘personal bests’, many come out just for a day of fun and to run with others for a great cause.

I’m not a runner but want to support EduDeo Ministries. Can I walk instead?

Absolutely! We are excited to have you come and walk with EduDeo. We just ask that you kindly stay to the back at the start of the race and to the sides of the path.

I will be walking/running with a stroller. Is that okay?

Absolutely! Again we just ask that you kindly stay to the back at the start of the race and to the sides of the path.

Does the registration money go to EduDeo Ministries?

Registration costs do not go to EduDeo Ministries. However, if you raise $250 you can choose to either have your registration fee reimbursed or you may donate it back to EduDeo.

I want to register as a Family. How does this work?

This is a great event to participate in as an entire family! Because of this, we have a special family rate for immediate family members only (see above). This includes 2 parents and any children 18 & under (does not include 1/2 or full marathon).

To register as a family, please have the main contact person for your family complete the online registration, selecting the family rate. You will soon receive an email with a form to be filled out with the names, ages, genders, event choices and race shirt sizes of all family members participating (keep an eye out for it). If you have any questions about registering as a family, please call our office at 905.387.9927.

How do I find out who has donated to me on my runner profile?

You will receive an email when someone donates to your runner profile.

Why don’t I see the individual names of those who donated using cash on my profile?

All cash donations will be posted in lump sum amounts on the runners’ profile page.

How will my funds be used?

This year, Road2Hope funds raised will go towards transforming 150 classrooms around the world, through the training of educators in our four core countries: the Dominican Republic, Belize, Nicaragua and Zambia.

I registered for the race on the Road2Hope: Hamilton Marathon website – am I still part of the EduDeo team?

We would love for you to be on our team!  In order for you to be part of our team and receive our fundraising package and benefits, you will just need to give us a quick call or email to give us permission to move you over to our team.  Road2Hope is a large event in Hamilton, of which EduDeo is a partner.  We need to have you on the team and fundraising with our runners for our organization to benefit from your involvement.

I’m not interested in prizes.  Can I skip them?

We are happy to thank you for your fundraising work and involvement by offering a few prizes.  Many of these are donated.  If you are not interested in receiving prizes, you are of course welcome to indicate that on your pledge form or by sending us an email.