A school in Zambia

Provide solar panels for 3 rural Zambian schools

Because of Zambia’s agricultural landscape, many communities sit in remote, rural locations. While access to the national power grid is slowly increasing, many communities continue to function without power or even the hope of being connected to the power grid anywhere in the foreseeable future. To address this need, solar power has become a viable option to many remote communities.

Having access to electricity is a huge benefit to schools. While the schools can function well in the sunlight, evenings are important times for students to complete homework and further their studies. Likewise, teachers spend time preparing for future lessons, researching new teaching methods and marking assignments. Schools in urban areas often have higher test scores – with access to electricity being a major factor. Solar power will enable rural schools to better serve their communities.

Students in a classroom in Zambia

Increase the quality of Christ-centred education

Currently, three CCAP schools (Chasefu, Boyole and Ikwere) are in need of solar power because of their remote locations. Powering these schools will enable them to continue offering quality Christ-centred education with two main benefits: the addition of school-wide lighting and the future potential for improved technology.

When lighting is available throughout the evening, students have more time to study. When students have more time to study, overall pass rates increase. Teachers can dedicate more time to lesson planning when they have access to evening lighting.

A future hope is that the solar equipment will enable the schools to build up computer labs using Raspberry Pi computers. This will give the students hands-on learning experiences on computers and access to a variety of electronic information.

Students in Zambia

EduDeo Ministries, local workers, and your school!

Due to the limited financial resources of many rural communities, major infrastructure development projects – such as the purchase of solar equipment – are a real challenge. With your support, EduDeo hopes to help CCAP schools gain access to solar equipment and continue to offer the quality Christ-centred education they are passionate about.

The cost to provide solar equipment for each school is approximately $35,000 CND. This will cover the following costs:

  • the purchasing the solar panels, batteries, power inverter, cables, switches, etc
  • transportation costs of the materials
  • the building of a secure mounting rack for the equipment
  • the labour of local workers to install the equipment
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