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Meet Bunmi

Bunmi is EduDeo’s Community Relationship Manager for Eastern Canada. She organizes community events, builds relationships with churches and supporters, and works with granting foundations.

Bunmi joins the EduDeo team after recently completing her Master of Arts in Education and Society. She also brings with her extensive experience living, working, and volunteering in international development and education in West Africa. Currently, Bunmi and her husband live in Montreal, Quebec. In her free time, Bunmi enjoys volunteering, listening to Gospel music, and seeing movies. We are excited about the experience, desire to learn, and passion Bunmi brings to this role. Praise God for providing Bunmi to EduDeo!

Learn more below about Bunmi and her gifts, talents, and passion for EduDeo.

What should EduDeo's community know about you?

BA: I am excited to join the EduDeo team to make a difference in the lives of young people all across the world. I believe that Christ-centered education is a vital tool for empowering young people to attain their greatest potential and for assisting them in developing meaningful connections with God and others. I am extremely dedicated to education and have over seven years of active civic engagement in Nigeria. I am excited to connect with you, to learn how we can work together to enhance Christ-centered education globally.

What do you love about EduDeo?

BA: EduDeo is a unique international organization that is positively impacting the lives of young people all over the world. It is incredibly inspiring to see their commitment to Christ-centered education, collaboration, sustainability, and empowerment. I adore EduDeo because it recognizes that lasting impact can only be achieved through collaboration, and by working closely with partner organizations. EduDeo’s emphasis on Christ-centered education is a novel approach to education that helps young people to nurture strong values and character that will serve them well throughout their life.

Who is a teacher that has inspired you?

BA: My father was a great teacher, and he inspired my faith in God. Having a strong spiritual foundation can be a great source of strength and comfort, and it’s inspiring to share how my father played a role in helping me to cultivate that foundation. He was a role model and mentor to me because of his counsel and inspiration, especially in matters of faith and spirituality.

What can supporters contact you about?

  • Getting your local church involved with EduDeo through short-term mission teams, offerings, prayer, and more.

  • Organizing local community fundraising and engagement events.

  • Getting your foundation or granting organization connected to EduDeo for greater impact.

Contact Bunmi at to grow your church's or community global impact!