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Meet Liz.

Liz is EduDeo’s Operations Director. She is responsible for directing all our internal, behind-the-scenes activities, including: annual plans and budgets, finances, strategic planning, human resources, and office management.

Liz joined our team in April 2021, after 15 years of not-for-profit experience in operations and business administration. She previously served as Business, Communications and Programs Manager for University of Toronto and Manager, Administration and Member Services for Consulting Engineers of Ontario. Liz and her husband Mathew helped plant their church (TLC - The Lakeside Church), and she is passionate about leading the creative and financial aspects of the church, including, designing and maintaining the church’s website, providing creative direction for the livestream of services, and setting up TLC’s financial systems. Pre-COVID, Liz was also involved in the planning of TLC events. In her free time, Liz enjoys travelling, engaging in various creative and artsy projects, creating ministry websites for friends, and running a Christian blog (Seen to Unseen Blog).

We are so grateful God provided Liz to our team!

Read more below about her experience, gifts, and passion for EduDeo.

What should EduDeo's community know about you?

LT: I was born and raised in Kenya to a family of humble means. I know what it is like to struggle financially and to not have the same access to resources that others might have had. This first-hand knowledge, coupled with my faith in Jesus Christ, gives me a heart that is inclined towards the less resourced in our society. I am passionate about helping others and being used of God to be His hands and feet extended. I am most fulfilled when I feel like God used me to be a direct response to someone else’s prayer.

What do you love about EduDeo?

LT: I am excited about joining the EduDeo team, especially since it is closely aligned with my personal value system. I love their vision, mission, values and or-ganizational culture. I think investing in the lives of children spiritually and academically during their formative years is so important. Speaking from personal experience, I know that the spiritual deposits I received in Sunday School served as an invisible tether of sorts that kept pulling me back to my faith each time I strayed away. I applaud the work that EduDeo and its international partners are doing to establish a solid Christ-centred foundation for the children and their communities.

Who is a teacher that has inspired you?

LT: “My mom was a teacher at my school – but I was never in her class. She inspired me by the way she cared for her students. She was gentle with them and was encouraging and patient with those who were struggling academically. She made a huge impact on her students that even 40+ years later, her students still talk about her. On a personal level, I would say my Grade 7 teacher, Mrs. Nyabera was inspirational to me. She used to read my essays out loud in the classroom. Although it sometimes embarrassed me, it affirmed me and gave me the confidence to embrace my gift of writing – something that led to my starting a blogging ministry decades later.

What can EduDeo's community contact you about?

  • Information about your donations and receipts

  • Any operational questions you may have about EduDeo

Contact Liz at for all your operational questions!