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Friday, December 2, 2011

Reflections on Two weeks in Nicaragua 0 comments

Our Team:

How does one put into words a two week EduDeo HANDS experience in Nicaragua? It's more than scrubbing school walls to repaint them or taking apart a roof to rescue all the materials while adding a second floor and painting purlins by the dozens.

 It's about building relationships with the local Nicaraguans you work alongside whether they are builders, cooks, guards, or the children who love to play a game of ball or soccer with you in the street during the team's noon break.

 The Woody Nook team from Alberta experienced all this and more. Worship in a Spanish local church was uplifting. Seeing a potter at his wheel, zipping over a coffee plantation, or seeing God's creation on a boat ride between the islands on Lake Nicaragua and a steaming volcano were a few culture experiences.

 Learning day consisted of visiting other EduDeo projects, a teaching farm started by CRWRC 25 years ago, and the vocational school at the Nehemiah Center. It also included a history lesson. We saw God at work everywhere. Our team's evening devotions added a huge positive dimension.

 Many Nicaraguans may not have much material wealth, but many times over the locals shared how much they love their country and their passion for Jesus.  Their desire to pass that love on and transform their communities is very evident.

 To God be the glory for the blessings we received.

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