Woodland 2014

Welcome to our official online team page for Woodland 2014, which hopes to travel to Nicaragua in June of 2014. From this website you can learn more about the different members on our team, the goals we have for our trip as well as follow our trip as we blog about our experiences. You can also support us by making a donation online!





Our Team

Blog Posts

Day 2 of our trip to Nicaragua is now coming to a close and we have had very, very eventful days.  Our trip began...

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Day 3 is now coming to a close and we have had an excellent day.  When we arrived yesterday, Principal Carrie asked our kids...

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Today our team had a potentially transformative experience when we travelled up into the mountains northeast of Matagalpa to visit the New Jerusalem Land...

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It is a little known fact that when old roofers get together at the end of hot week of roofing and share some brie...

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Day 6 is now coming to a close and once again we have had a very good day.  We returned to the NCA and...

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On Sunday afternoon we drove up into the mountains north of Matagalpa to have lunch and spend some time hiking at the Salva Negra...

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