June 8, 2012

Finishing Well

Woodland 2012 HANDS Team:

For many years, the students of Woodland Christian High School were blessed by the teaching of Kathy Ingram.  Kathy was a wonderfully driven French teacher who held herself to a very high standard and consistently did the same thing with her students.  With the coming of spring each year, Kathy consistently reminded all of her students that their FIRST job at this stage of their life was to be a student and that they absolutely had to finish their school year well.  The coming of spring might bring thoughts of romance into the minds of a young man or woman, but Kathy would very quickly point out that there were still French verbs that needed to be conjugated and mathematical problems to be wrestled.   Excuses were not welcome; we were all called to finish well.

A couple of years ago, Kathy finished her own journey here well.  After a lifetime of faithful service, she lost her battle with illness and went home to her Savior.  The loss to her family and friends was deep, but I doubt that there were many who would have dared to suggest that she hadn't pushed hard and finished well.

Now a group of young men from Woodland seek to heed her challenge.  They have worked hard in a many different aspects of school life at Woodland.  And they have taken a hold of Mrs. Ingrams' challenge to Finish Well!  They have worked hard to raise the necessary funds for this service trip.  They have contributed again and again to the co- curricular life of their own school.  And now they begin the final push to finish their academic responsibilities well before we fly.  They are finishing very well.

As of today, our fundraising is largely complete.  The boys are putting that behind them and focusing intently on the final exams that they will write as high school students.  Once finished, they will pack their bags and fly to Belize to join in the excitement of the ongoing construction at the Presbyterian Unity School.  Much good work is now finished and more is about to be tackled. 

The boys are pushing well to the finish.   I suspect that Mrs. Ingram is watching and that she is very, very pleased.


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