March 27, 2014

Last day :(

Wolf Creek HANDS Team:

Today is the last work day. It is so hard to believe this week has gone by already. We finished pouring the last classroom today. We lifted bucket after bucket of concrete, 736 of them, to the second floor from the ground. Kevin counted them. Kevin and Mike shared the task of lifting them to Nico, who was upstairs. It was a good day.

Some of the team members spent time with the younger students. They gave them Canada pins, tattoos, and stickers. It was a busy morning for them.We ended the morning by presenting Bibles to the concrete team. It was a very inspiring moment. Before leaving the community, we went for a walk with the children. We gave a gift of desks to La Esperanza. So, we had to go pick them up. It was a blessing to give them, and the principal was very appreciative.

After leaving La Esperanza, we went to the market, then headed for the beach. We played in the water and sand, collected shells and crab exoskeletons, dug holes in the sand with Victor's children, and went exploring by the old pool and beach of the resort next door.


Mar 31, 2014 at 11:43 am

That's so great you could give some desks. When we were there we noticed how many of them were in poor shape.

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