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Friday, March 28, 2014

Travel day 0 comments

Our Team:

It's a travel day. We were up early, and had everything packed and ready to go by 7:30. After loading up, luggage in one van & people in another, we went to visit 2 other COCREF schools. First, we went to Renacer. This school is the next project for COCREF and EduDeo. Work will begin next year. Then we went to visit Nueva Creacion. This was the school where Kevin went on his first HANDS trip. 

Then we were on our way to La Romana. We stopped for lunch, then the airport. Flights went well and we arrived in Edmonton at 11:30 pm. It was a matter of getting home. 

It was an amazing trip and we were blessed by those we served. We thank God for this opportunity.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Last day :( 1 comment

Today is the last work day. It is so hard to believe this week has gone by already. We finished pouring the last classroom today. We lifted bucket after bucket of concrete, 736 of them, to the second floor from the ground. Kevin counted them. Kevin and Mike shared the task of lifting them to Nico, who was upstairs. It was a good day.

Some of the team members spent time with the younger students. They gave them Canada pins, tattoos, and stickers. It was a busy morning for them.We ended the morning by presenting Bibles to the concrete team. It was a very inspiring moment. Before leaving the community, we went for a walk with the children. We gave a gift of desks to La Esperanza. So, we had to go pick them up. It was a blessing to give them, and the principal was very appreciative.

After leaving La Esperanza, we went to the market, then headed for the beach. We played in the water and sand, collected shells and crab exoskeletons, dug holes in the sand with Victor's children, and went exploring by the old pool and beach of the resort next door.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Guess what? More concrete... 3 comments

Well, it was once again another hot day. Tomorrow's forecast is for +36C. It was a long day today. We stayed longer to finish pouring the floors in 2 more classrooms. We have one more to do, and that will happen tomorrow. When we did the second floor, we mixed concrete in playground area and then hauled them up to the second floor using a rebar hook. Then the bucket brigade went to work. 

We have had a great time building relationships with the workers. It isn't always easy to understand what they are saying, but we make every effort to figure it out. And sometimes we just have to chuckle at ourselves. 

We need to finish our story of Sandy's finger. It needs an explanation. We were in the process of moving concrete bucket by bucket from the mixing room to the room being poured. Well.... Sandy passed a bucket to Alex, and Alex happened to take Sandy's glove along. Well.... Sandy kept her glove, except for one of her fingers. It was the chuckle for the day, and we still have to chuckle over it. 

It is late, and we have another day of work ahead of us. So, we better sign off, besides my computer is going to die in about 15 minutes. Pictures tomorrow.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Short, but sweet tonight 3 comments

Today's blog is short, but sweet. We did the same stuff all day. 

The day started out quite warm and humid. We worked hard all morning in the hot sun. In the afternoon, we were blessed with a breeze. Quite refreshing in the heat.

We poured the floors of two more classrooms, using our bucket bridgade. We hauled some concrete, then some more concrete, and then some more concrete. We stopped for a lunch of warm potato salad, chicken, and rice. After lunch, we went back to work hauling more concrete.

Mr. Mike was amazing. He hauled 30+ 96 lbs bags of cement powder up those 19 steps. He deserved ice cream and a medal. He was a busy guy.

The members of our group worked hard and ended the day on time, much to Victor's surprise. We came home exhausted and headed for showers. It wasn't easy washing the concrete off our arms and legs!

Good night. Till tomorrow! God bless!!

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