February 10, 2016

We Came As Strangers--We Leave As Friends

Welland HANDS Team:

Today our chauffeur Shadier drove us to Redeemer Presbyterian Preschool. What a blessing it was to see these infant children in school. How could we not love their energy, their smiles, their eagerness to be with us. The playground was due to EduDeo's involvement. We noted that the chains on the swings were rusting badly and dangerous. After sharing a snack with the children of bread pudding and orcheta-sweetened rice milk, we stopped at the first hardware store and bought supplies for the swing. Ask the men about their experience in the store.

We headed off to Concepcion Presbyterian School. The children couldn't wait for us. We have definitely developed relationships with these beautiful children-God's children. 

Grouting completed in the classroom. And believe it or not we started tiling in the hallway. Hurrah!! Nacho we learned so much from you.  Ted and Nacho worked hard along with all the other men. In the end, 125 tiles were laid before we went into the Assembly Room..This room was being used by Standard 2 as it was their room we were tiling.

Again ...many thanks to all of you at home who supported us in this journey, making provisions for those in Belize, helping them where a great need was.

What an awesome assembly  The students sang their hearts out loud and clear. Some songs we knew and we sang along. The Infant, Intermediate and Senior students all sang or recited scripture for us. We pray this will sink into their hearts for a lifetime, and they continue to follow the Lord as they grow older. Then it was our turn. We sang "O Canada" and a few other action songs. The students loved it. We presented the school with a gift and Principal Christian in turn was so kind to give each one of us a gift from the staff.

We came as strangers, we are parting as great friends.

Hug, Kisses, and Tears took place. Hearts with notes were given to us by the students..It was a difficult time. More photos taken to remember this journey God lead us on.

Prayers for a safe flight home.

ps .....apologies for this late entry...the internet did not allow us to save the blog last night..it was all lost..

see you soon


Feb 11, 2016 at 10:00 am

Welland team,

Sounds like the last day was an emotional one. You built relationships with the people at Concepcion and saw the amazing thing God is doing in their community. I am thrilled that your team got to experience this.

Excited to have you back home today and to hear all about your adventures!

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