February 7, 2016

Day of Praise, Worship and Rest

Welland HANDS Team:

The day began with SUNSHINE!!!!!  yeahhhh

Off to church we went with Shadier driving us.

We sang in Spanish. There was some translation of the service. Some of us went to Sunday School. Others had sunday school with the pastor.

Came back ....time for koffie klatz ....we are definitely going through lots of coffee.

We were served an American style lunch...

Off we went to explore the town of Corozal. Look at the photos.

We will head back for a 5pm Spanish Worship service.  Celebrating The Lord's Supper with our new Spanish family.

God bless your day as ours.

Until tomorrow. 



Feb 9, 2016 at 6:46 pm

Dear Hands Team:

It was fun to have you visit Cornerstone today. I was reminded of HOME. Yes, I do miss home quite often. But I have two homes now. No, make that three. The best one is yet to come - home with JESUS.

Marlene, it was WONDERFUL to see you after so many years!

Incredibly small world!

Keep in touch.

Albert Zantingh

(Still Canadian eh!)

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