March 6, 2014

Getting to know Alfredo and others at Cornerstone

Waterdown Family HANDS Team:

Our third day has been quite a success. Both in painting and getting to know the kids better. Rebecca especially enjoys interacting and spending time with the older students. The weather has been extremely nice, and we're thankful for the constant sun and frequent breeze.

The boys spent the majority of the day digging holes and preparing for the up coming junior track meet that Cornerstone will be hosting. A few Cornerstone students and some members of the community worked alongside us today which allowed us to have some nice conversations and share some experiences together.

We were able to visit a number of classrooms today including bible doctrine, grammar class and geometry. We continue to be presented authentic belizean food that has been very tasty.

We have been taking time to have conversations with students and staff, getting to know them
and asking questions about their lives. I, Sara, had the opportunity to spend some time with Alfredo, the Bible, Spanish and math teacher. We talked about his family - (he just became a Grandpa a month ago), the fact that only a small number of students at Cornerstone are Christians (and the privilege of the school being able to present all subjects from a Christian framework and teach the Reformed faith), and why is it so difficult for Belizeans to get jobs. Alfredo is a man of many talents. He is a licenced electrician, almost completed seminary and has been teaching for the last 17 years. He makes enough money to support his family but
is concerned he won't be able to get his teaching liscence renewed in the future because he needs to upgrade his education. Unfortunately, he can't afford to go back to school to do this. People ask if he gets anxious about that but he is able to say with confidence that The Lord will provide. He has never been left hungry and he trusts that The Lord has a plan for him. In the
meantime he enjoys the opportunity he has at Cornerstone and loves the teenagers that he has the privilege to teach.


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