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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Finishing Strong 0 comments

Our Team:

Sunday morning began bright and beautiful, and we left the guest house for a 9:30 service. After the combined Spanish English service, Dad and Val gave a short nine slide presentation about our house, animals and life in general back in Canada. We finished the service singing Open the Eyes of My Heart, a song that connected Pastor Juan's sermon on the work of the Holy Spirit with our presentation. It was a morning of fellowship and introductions; we finally got to meet some of the families that had been looking forward to our visit here since we began preparing for the trip. 

We returned to the church for the 5 pm service, seeing as anything earlier would have been too hot. And after our worship service, we were served a delicious meal at the church. 

Monday morning began at 8 again, and we were off to the elementary school for our final work day. The last floor tiles had to be put in, and that process took most of the morning because it included a lot of cutting. After lunch, the family put their painting skills to work and painted the classroom we had just finished flooring! The final project looked amazing, and near four o'clock we were done.

Our day, of course, ended with another delicious meal, and this time, we also discussed what the plans for the culture day Tuesday would be.

And Tuesday morning we woke up to fog. Disappointing, because we learned that it was rarely foggy in Belize. However, we headed to the river despite the weather, and boarded our river boat. Much to our excitement, the sun peaked through the clouds, and as the day progressed, the sun shone brighter and brighter. The day got even better when, on our tour our boat floated past a spider monkey! The guide directed the boat so that the monkey was but a few feet away. 

The boat tour took us to Lamanai, an ancient Maya site. We saw beautiful temples, and got to climb the tallest one.

Our final day in Belize was a blessing: a relaxing day to enjoy the country we had worked in for the previous five days. 

And now, we are preparing for the flight home, taking in all we have experienced and debriefing as a team.

Check out our team video here.


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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Finishing Off the Week 3 comments


After a beautiful, relaxing Christmas Day, we began Boxing Day morning at 8 o'clock. We spent the day laying and cleaning tiles, mixing glue (which was a concrete mix) and painting. Our day of work finished around 4, and Dad drove us to the pastor's residence above the church for dinner, which was an amazing meal of tortillas.


We returned to our guest house around eight, and ended our day with a family game of spoons :)


This morning we left at eight again, and we were back at the glue mixing, cleaning and painting as soon as we arrived to the work site. We worked away at the floors until we ran out of glue mix, yet the children who showed up to the work site began a game of soccer with us in the meantime.


Finishing the work day with the final paint touches to the school's exterior, we headed to the hotel covered in paint spots and sunscreen. A few relaxed hours followed, until supper at six, which, to our excitement, was spaghetti!!


And so, as we look forward to worship with our brothers and sisters in Belize tomorrow, we also look back and are full of gratitude. Gratitude for Pastor Juan, his wife Maria and her mother, and Ismael and his wife Patricia. Each one of them has devoted countless hours to ensure our health and comfort, and their kindness is invaluable to our trip. They have truly lived out Paul's word's to "Share with the Lord's people who are in need. Practice hospitality." (Romans 12:13)


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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Welcome to Belize! 10 comments

It has been only two days yet we already feel at home here in this beautiful country of Belize. As soon as we stepped off the plane, the warm sunshine and 30+ temperature welcomed us, along with the very hospitable and kind Pastor Juan and Ishmael. 

This morning we got to work at eight o'clock, and spent the next few hours carrying sand to the classroom we were prepping to lay tiles in. Thankfully, we finished before the heat of the sun reached it's climax :) 

Tonight we worshipped with Pastor Juan and his congregation in a Christmas Eve service, and everyone was so welcoming and friendly! Tomorrow we look forward to a day of rest in celebration of Christ's birth, seeing as most members of the church like to spend Christmas Day with their families. 

In a final note, we'd like to thank all of our supporters for making this trip possible for our family - it has already been such a blessing in such a short time :)

Praise God for the safety and health He has blessed us with, and may we continue to serve Him in all we do!

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Preparations 9 comments

Thank you to everyone who came out Friday night to play soccer and support our trip! We have been so blest in the support we are recieving.


The trip is just 22 days away now! The excitement is building in our family. We are getting shots, filling out paperwork, and researching Belize. We've even starting making packing lists, and the anticipation is tangible!


Please continue to keep us in your prayers!

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