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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Final Blog!! 4 comments

Our Team:

It's the last blog that we'll be sending because tomorrow we hope to fly home!  First of all thank you for al your financial, emotional and prayerful support!!  Hearing about people praying for us has been heart warming and spiritually uplifting!  A huge thank you to everyone!  Tonight we are staying in a guest house near Lusaka and are thankful that God has  kept us safe during 

 the many hours we have spent on bumpy, dusty roads and long highways!  No photos today, the wifi is a little sketchy! God has blessed us richly and I have seen that so clearly here, first hand God blessings to you all at home in the snow!! Blog writer Diana


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Monday, November 11, 2019

Safari! 5 comments

Sorry about the missed blog post yesterday. We did not have internet. 

       To get everyone up to speed we arrived last night at croc valley lodge at Luanga  National Park. 9000 square kilometres of some of the most wild untamed landscape and terrain we have ever seen. 

        For starters the lodge is home to some beautiful features like Air conditioning, a pool, and a lot of baboons. The animals are not too afraid of people as we learned this afternoon at coffee when a baboon pulled the wool over Diana’s eyes and swiped her cake right off her plate. Needless to say We were all quite amused at this cheeky monkey.

 From 6am to 10am we bounced to and fro across the plains spinning our heads every which way to see the next cool animal up ahead. The lineup we experienced today included crocodiles, baboons, lions, many deer, many hippos, hyenas, zebras, giraffes, a leopard, warthogs and a wide variety of birds. 

       A highlight for myself, dare I say our entire group involved an interesting  incident with a male lion. It would be oh so difficult to deliver this story over the internet so I will leave it for you to find out from one of the team members when we get back home. (If we get home).  The afternoon we spent poolside, relaxing, playing pool, swimming, eating pizza (another one of those things I think we all miss)

       In all honesty we are all safe and sound and, I believe, quite pleased with this past day. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that today was humbling. To be so close to a giraffe or an elephant, watching hippos fight, Or to stare a lion in the eye makes us feel quite dependent on something other then ourselves. To say we saw Gods glory in nature would be an understatement. The sounds, the colours, the patterns, the horns, the tusks, the fangs, the claws, and the trunks all so easily point to our Creator. We have been blessed yet again. God has kept us safe in a not always safe environment. We continue to pray for health, strength, patience and safety as we begin heading home.  Tomorrow we drive back to Lusaka where we sleep over before we go wheels up on Wednesday. 

Until next time, 

Your friend in the pen, Brandon Kamphuis

P.S. A little note from Sarah: Sorry to everyone who was looking forward to Safari photos. The internet here is not very good so the pictures arent uploading. I promise there will be tons of photos from the Safari when I make the video of the whole trip!

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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Closing Ceremony 2 comments

 Hey, it is our last night in the Lundazi guest house and we are all excited about going to church tomorrow and the safari on Monday!  

This morning one last time,we piled into the trucks and rode to the secondary school to do some parging on the brick walls that the group made.  For most of us it was great to see some nice smooth sections.  

Again we had  the delicious traditional lunch of fried chicken, noodles, tomato sauce, nshima  and cabbage, all cooked over two small fires! Our cooks were amazing!! 

As with all projects that come to the end, we needed a group photo in front of the dormitory wall.  Rachel graced us with making a beautiful sign on the wall -- Vineland Hands 2019.  The closing ceremony contained lots of speeches. The school community expressed their thanks many times for our efforts to help build a dormitory and the hope they had for making an environment where the teenage girls would be safe. They urged us to remember that we all serve the same God, through Jesus Christ no matter where we are in His world. The chairman of the board encouraged to leave the bad things about Zambia in Zambia and spread the good things we experienced at home and around the world.

Only a few more blog stories to share!  This one is from Diana



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Friday, November 8, 2019

Food From the Gleaners 1 comment

Hey Everyone! We had another great day today, although the sun did not take it easy on us. We are getting close to completing all the brick for the dormitory, which is great to see, since tomorrow is our last day of work. A few of us were feeling a little under the weather today, but are quickly recovering as we have a farewell ceremony tomorrow. We continue to get along great with all the kids here as they keep showing us a lot of love and are a big help on the job site. Most of us started our day at the job site, as our leaders Adam and Diana visited the primary and secondary schools of Mwase, giving each school about 70 packs of food that was prepared and packaged by the Niagara Christian Gleaners, mostly being dried apricots, apples, and pears. Energy is in the air as we anticipate our wild life safari coming up on Monday. Although we are not excited to be greeted by the snow when we come home, we are excited to see our families next week. Thanks for everyone’s prayers! We are very thankful for everything so far. 

-Adrian and Sam


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