February 21, 2017

Getting Started

Trinity HANDS Team:

This morning started out smoothly. We were served breakfast of pancakes with syrup, fruit and sausages, and coffee with warm milk. After devotions we headed out to Belen, the school we will be working at this week. Seeing the DR in the light is completely different from what we saw last night in the dark. Now all of the drivers are out and driving crazily. That’s right,
they are crazy drivers here! No one pays any attention to the lines and the speed limit seems more like a suggestion than a rule. If you make it to a street light, which are few in number, people walk between the cars trying sell anything from bananas to candy. One of us was pretty close to getting sick, the ride was so rough.

Once we get to the school we heard shouts from the kids in the classrooms exclaiming that we had arrived. We knew when they were talking about us if we heard the word “Americano” in a sentence. We started off cleaning up wood in the second floor and moving it down to the outside, to make room for them to plaster the ceiling. They are currently working on creating a
third floor and they have recently just put on the next floor. We were then busy cleaning up nails, lugging up buckets of sand to the second floor, and laying blocks on the to-be-third floor. If one person had to move all that sand, it would have taken forever, but with teamwork we were able to move almost 7 tons in one day. Even though we have a language barrier, this doesn’t seem to be getting in the way off us getting stuff done.

For lunch we were served a variety of local food; 2 different rice with beans dishes, plantains with cheese and meat, chicken, fried pork chops, a cheese ball with bread type thing, and corn bread. It was delicious! They went all out with this meal, we felt very spoiled.

When our day was over we enjoyed some time in the pool, back at the camp, and also some showers, all to the get the grim of the day off.



Bernie Prinsen
Feb 21, 2017 at 6:32 pm

Sounds like you off to a great start. Enjoy each day to the fullest through work, play and interacting with the people you have been placed with. Recognize each person for who they are....children of God!

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