January 20, 2017

Almost There

Trinity HANDS Team:

Hola amigos!

This is where you would normally then read a whole blog post in Spanish and be completely impressed in our ability to learn the language. But alas, we aren’t that good. Right now I am limited to “hola”, “gracias”, “buenos dias”, and “La pan, por favor”; which translates to ‘hello’, ‘thank you’, ‘good morning’, and ‘bread, please’. We may just end up eating a lot of bread! But fear not, we still have time and the app “Duolingo” seems to be helping!

One month from today, we will be boarding our plane and heading on our way to the Dominican Republic. Most of the details have been arranged except a few last minute things. All that is needed now is for us to focus on learning about the culture we will soon be immersed in and on the ways in which God wants us to show His love to the people we meet.

Since our last blog post, we have successfully hosted our last two fundraisers; a volleyball tournament and a breakfast. You may hear it a lot from us, but it really is amazing seeing so many people come together to help support this wonderful cause and opportunity. At times it seemed like we wouldn’t be able to reach our fundraising goals, but God is always there for us. It’s a wonderful reminder for us to trust in him and let him take care of us. The journey of life is not always easy, but with God all things are possible. 


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