May 4, 2014

Day 7

Thunder Bay HANDS Team:

Today began with church. We went to verbo christian church in Managua. It was an energetic, LOUD, air coniditioned experience! We were able to have the sermon translated for us also, which was great.

After church, we had lunch back at the centre. We then headed to Pochomil beach, which is just over an hour drive from Managua. It's a beautiful, long sandy beach on the Pacific. The water was so warm, almost like bathwater! it was super hot at the beach, so even the warm water was refreshing. Lester's two children and wife, and Lennin (our other host) joined us as well.

We swam in the waves with some boogie boards we got from the Vanderwees family. It was super fun because the waves were really big! After we swam for a bit. we played some beach volleyball. Then we ate a delicious supper at a restaurant on the beach, followed by some ice cream. Tessa didn't even get sunburnt at all today! (neither did anyone else)

We then drove back here to the centre, and watched a documentary called Reparando. It's about the poverty struggle in Guatemala and its gangs and the circumstances that bring people into them. It highlights indivudals who are trying to change the situation in Guatemala and restore hope and peace. This situation, except for the gangs, is similar to some areas in Managua. We watched the movie because with our work thru EduDeo, we are also increasing hope, faith, education, and potential of the children and future children of the school.

Tomorrow, we are visiting a blacksmith shop, 2 schools EduDeo works with, and a market. We're excited to have one more day off before our last 3 days of work! :)

Thanks again for your continued prayers. We appreciate your comments on the blogs and love seeing them!


May 4, 2014 at 10:41 pm

Looks like you had an awesome Sunday! Would love to have been at that Worship service. You're a fine looking bunch :) I'm sure you appreciated the air conditioning! And that beach looks amazing. So lucky. Enjoy your day off tomorrow. We love reading your daily blogs and seeing the pictures posted. Keep them coming!

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