May 1, 2014

Day 4

Thunder Bay HANDS Team:

We had a busy, productive day today!

Today we worked another full day. The girls continued with rebar cages, while the guys kept digging foundations and rebar was put in for the foundation and columns.

We're starting to get to know the other local workers from Lester's crew, we even played the animal noise game with them for a bit.

We've had a regular guest in the girls' room, a gecko. It resides on the wall above Adena's bed. This morning when she got up it came from underneath her bed. This made her slightly uneasy. Hopefully she sleeps tonight! We've named the gecko "Girlco", after the Geico commercials.

Today was a couple degrees cooler, and no sun, so that was good. Still hot though. There was also a 3.5 scale tremor at 7:30AMtoday, but none of us felt a thing! Today was the first official day of the rainy season, but we haven't seen any rain yet.

Our meals have been really good so far. For breakfast, we typically eat pancakes, fruit, toast,beans and rice, and delicious nicaraguan coffee. Even some of us who typically don't consume coffee have taken a liking to it! For lunch, we are brought styrofoam containers with rice, chicken, vegetables, potatoes, beans, and PLANTAINS. Plantains come with most of the meals! Mangoes are also available on demand, as at the school there are mango trees that produce delciious fruit. Dinner is quite similar to lunch. We also consume ice cream from the ice cream man on a daily basis.

We just got back from the Vanderwees' house. We had a great time hanging out with the family and eating some yummy brownies and ice cream. Michael hit it off with the younger boys, who love soccer just like him. We hope to see Vancerwees family again, and Mark plans to provide us with a presentation on his work here.

Thanks again for keeping us in your prayers! Special shoutout to our parents, we miss you all!

Until next time:)




May 2, 2014 at 1:59 pm

Adena, did you actually eat that mango? LOL. Glad to hear you have a new pet- the gecko! Don't bring it home! Hope everything is going well for all of you there, keep up the good work!

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