April 17, 2018

Day 6: Candy, Candy, And More Candy

Team Newfoundland HANDS Team:

Wow, what a day!

I've done many things in my life but nothing like today! This was a life changing day.

We started at 7am with breakfast and then headed to the school. When we arrived today, we presented the principle with soccer balls for the school (the picture is the students and team with the balls on the table). 

Then the fun began! We headed to the classrooms and gave out candy to all the students. To see the joy on their faces over something so simple was overwhelming. Once we handed out candies the kids would surround us and give us the greatest hug many of us have ever received. We went from classroom to classroom, laughing, singing, and enjoying time with each of the kids.

As we sat around tonight talking about today we all agreed that today was the highlight of this trip so far.

After we filled the children with sugar, it was time to get to work. Today was a day of moving sand and rock and pouring more cement. We got the footer all completed and began preparing for tomorrow.

We ate luch today at a local take out and then headed to the market to finish up shopping for family back home. 

After we returned to the school we sat with the principle Maria as she shared her life story and information about the school. To hear about the needs of the school and how little the teachers get paid would break your heart ( I know it did ours). This is a private school and parents have to pay for their kids to attent, which equals $180 a year, yet they have 45 students attending that are unfunded. 

Tonight we had a visit after supper from Alisha at the Nehemiah Center to tell us about the what the center does for the area and we purchased coffee to bring home. 


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