April 13, 2018

Day 2: Fresh Coconut Juice

Team Newfoundland HANDS Team:

Day 2 began at 5:30am, which with the time change was actually 9am in Newfoundland (our bodies haven't adjusted to the time difference yet). We ate breakfast at 7am with Lester and then headed to the school.

Traffic here is madness! People driving motorcycles inbetween two lanes of one way traffic. I'm just glad we have a driver. We had an American currently living here in Nicaragua join the team today as well named Mike. He was a great asset considering he also spoke Spanish and was able to help translate.

When we arrived at the school today the students were waiting for us in a common area. We were so humbled and touched by them, and to see the exicitement on their faces because we had come to help make their school better for them. The principle introduced us to the teachers and then the students sang the action chorus I Got Peace Like A River in Spanish for us. Let's just say we were all fighting back tears. 

Then the work began! Today we completed preparing the holes for cement by removing some previous cement blocks. It was a very labour intensive process but we manged to complete it by the end of the day with only two injuries. Lou will be returning with a scar on his leg for sure. We also tied off 7 rebar poles and began leveling the ground. It was a very productive day work wise.

Today we also meet some amazing people. Neddy is the forman on the site and he's a great guy. Lester had a young man climb a tree today and cut down fresh coconut which Neddy then cut so we could drink the juice inside. 

And then there was Sylvia! This woman has been with the church here that operates this school from the day it began. She came today to help and at one point just sat in a chair and prepared all the tie wire for the team so we could tie off the rebar more quickly. She was doing it a long time even before we realized what she was doing. She was so humble and truly taught us today what its means to be a humble servant in God's kingdom. 

Overall today was an amazing and great day. We all came away today changed.


Team Newfoundland  


Apr 13, 2018 at 10:58 pm

Miss you so much. Love reading your blog, makes me feel like I’m there. Praying for you all.

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