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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Day 8: Last Day 0 comments

Our Team:

Today was our last day here in beautiful Nicaragua. We leave in the morning at 7:35am on the plane home.

Today like every day on this trip so far was outstanding. We visited two schools today that Edu Deo has helped in the past. We toured the schools and sat with the principles and heard about their lives and the school. To hear one share about how they were about to close the doors to the school a number of years ago, and God provided the money when it was needed and now the school is doing well.

The other principle shared his vision with us about what the school can become and the impact it well have on the kids attending. A very powerful time this morning.

We played soccer again today at one of the schools with the kids. The whole team played and had a great amount of fun with the kids. I think we got three shots total, LOL. Those kids were good!!!!!

We had lunch and then visited a couple of tourist sites here in Managua. It was Lester's one last chance to show us this beautiful place. Terry the firefighter on the team got to visit a local firehouse here in Nicaragua as well today. 

We came back here to the Nehemiah Centre and debriefed with Lester and Nidal about our experience. 

We will be sad to leave here tomorrow, but also very glad to see our families at home again. Our lives have been impacted and changed because of this experience together. Nicaragua has a piece of each of our hearts and we all look forward to when we can visit again.


Team Newfoundland  

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Day 7: Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy 1 comment

Today was an emotional rollercoaster!

It was our last day at the school! 

When we arrived at the schhol this morning, all the students were assembled in a bigger classroom and they were ready to do an assembly of singing and dancing for us. They were amazing! Each class had a little something different prepared, and we enjoyed every moment of it. We were treated as kings today and we feel so humbled by it. We are just 6 guys that love Jesus and want to share that love with the world. 

The principle had a gift for each of us and we presented the school a wooden cross made by Shannon, along with a Newfoundland and Canada flag. 

Then we spent time playing with the kids. We enjoyed a soccer game, and one team member was used as a monkey bar, LOL.

After lunch the work began. We poured cement for the floor until we ran out of water. However, we accomplished all that was desired from us while here, so we are leaving a very happy team.

Goodbye's are never easy, and today was no different. Saying goodbye to those we worked alongside and the principle was very emotional for us all. As we climbed in the van to leave the school for the last time, there was tears shed by the team.

One more day left in this beautiful country before we head home on Friday.


Team Newfoundland 

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Day 6: Candy, Candy, And More Candy 0 comments

Wow, what a day!

I've done many things in my life but nothing like today! This was a life changing day.

We started at 7am with breakfast and then headed to the school. When we arrived today, we presented the principle with soccer balls for the school (the picture is the students and team with the balls on the table). 

Then the fun began! We headed to the classrooms and gave out candy to all the students. To see the joy on their faces over something so simple was overwhelming. Once we handed out candies the kids would surround us and give us the greatest hug many of us have ever received. We went from classroom to classroom, laughing, singing, and enjoying time with each of the kids.

As we sat around tonight talking about today we all agreed that today was the highlight of this trip so far.

After we filled the children with sugar, it was time to get to work. Today was a day of moving sand and rock and pouring more cement. We got the footer all completed and began preparing for tomorrow.

We ate luch today at a local take out and then headed to the market to finish up shopping for family back home. 

After we returned to the school we sat with the principle Maria as she shared her life story and information about the school. To hear about the needs of the school and how little the teachers get paid would break your heart ( I know it did ours). This is a private school and parents have to pay for their kids to attent, which equals $180 a year, yet they have 45 students attending that are unfunded. 

Tonight we had a visit after supper from Alisha at the Nehemiah Center to tell us about the what the center does for the area and we purchased coffee to bring home. 

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Day 5: While Some Worked, Some Shopped 0 comments

Back at the school today, and what a day it was. 

We started our day at 7am with breakfast, then leaving for the school at 7:30am when Lester arrived to pick us up. It was calling for 38 degrees here today and lets face it, Newfoundlanders are not accustomed to working in this type of heat. So we knew going into today that we needed to get a much done in the morning as we could. 

Mike the American joined us again today in helping at the school. He's been a great addition here on the ground for us and he's a hard worker as well, lol. 

The plan today was to pour some cement, and I'm glad to report we accomplished pouring the post and preparing the perimeter for more cement pouring tomorrow. We also tied off more rebar that we would need tomorrow. That's the physical labour part of our day.

We had the privilege today with the help of a team members friend back in Newfoundland to bless the school with much needed supplies today. Lou (team member), Lester, and Maria (school principle) went shopping today to purchase those supplies. The picture is the team and Maria with all the supplies laid on a table when she returned. To see the look of joy on her face, and knowing that we were able to help in some small way really had an impact on us.

Sylvia was back again today, I spoke about her in the Day 2 blog, helping in anyway she could, even shoveling sand into buckets as we were mixing the cement. She has been a true example of what it means to be a servant in the kingdom. Just quietly helping with shovelling and then when that was completed heading back to her chair bending tie wire so we could tie rebar faster. Just being around this woman, even though we haven't spoken a word to each other, has changed my life. 

We had a great family with us tonight for supper, Steve and Kim and their four kids. After supper Steve gave us a history of Nicaragua. It really helped in connecting us even more to this beautiful country and its people. Today was another great day.


Team Newfoundland  

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