February 2, 2013

Day 6

St. Catharines HANDS Team:

Today we enjoyed a wonderful day off of work. Pastor Alvaro picked us up earlier this morning to head to Lamanai, which is a Mayan ruin site. On the way, we had another incident with the bus. There was a wire hanging down over the road that we saw a little to late. The wire whacked the side-view mirror and broke it, Pastor Alvaro slammed on the brakes and we all got out of the bus to survey the damage... again.

Once we arrived at the River Journey, boarded the boat, and our tour guide "gased up the time machine." He manouvered the boat through the winding river that ran through the jungle. As we went along he pointed out many different flora and fauna. Incredible! Some of the things that we saw included crocodiles, aligators, spider monkeys, Jesus birds, bats, egrets, king fishers etc. We passed an anabaptist mennonite homestead, which seemed out of place compared to the rest of the surroundings. The length of the river was 26 miles and it took us an hour and a half to get to the Mayan ruins of Lamanai. We had a wonderful lunch prepared for us by our tour guide's sister-in-law, which gave us the energy for the hike through the jungle. Our tour guide was incredible, he had immense knowledge of the whole area along the way and the mayan culture, having an answers for any questions that we threw his way. Some of us were able climb the 11 storey Mayan temple and could see the beautiful view from the top. As we looked over the scenery we could see the rain clouds coming in  across the lagoon, so we headed down quickly. Just as the last people were at the bottom, the heaven's opened up! We all took cover under the huge palm trees until the rain subsided shortly after. We headed back to the boat, sped through the river to the main land where Pastor Alvaro was waiting for us in the bus. He took us back to the school for another prepared dinner. As we pulled up to the school the children were waiting across the street, and came over ready to play games right away. After a full day, we are tired and look forward to a good night sleep, ready for a day of rest and worship tomorrow.

Thank you for all your comments and the continued prayers.


Evert and Nellie
Feb 3, 2013 at 6:57 pm

Hi Prinsen family

glad you had the river cruise we are looking forward to it next time we come to Belize and also to see the ruins, we missed these two outings as the barge over the river was out for the days that we were still there and would have to go around the lagoon which would take a long time and then before we could return home the whole day would be gone. We spent the day instead on a lazy chair and on the beach . You are prayed for every day and you are in our thoughts love and blessings mom and dad to the team you are prayed for every day also keep safe.

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