February 1, 2013

Day 5

St. Catharines HANDS Team:

Day 5

The day started with an overcast sky and mist; it was an answer to our evening prayer.  We opened the day with prayer in our meeting room at the site and then it poured rain. The concrete mixer arrived during the down pour and was unloaded after the rain stopped.  We quickly arranged an assembly line; shoveling sand and stones into buckets and filling buckets with water.  Six buckets of stones, four buckets of sand, one and a half buckets of water and a bag of cement were emptied into the concrete mixer. The finished concrete was poured onto the plywood so we could shovel it into the waiting buckets. The guys from our team and the Belizean construction crew carried the filled buckets up the ladder and poured the concrete into the waiting forms. Then Venancio, our site supervisor, leveled it all off. We finished this by noon, and Venancio was smiling from ear to ear.  I guess we did a great job!  After lunch the girls got a hold of the crowbars and hammers and destroyed the back outhouse. Everything was going well untill the termites and cockroaches started to come out around Donna. That was the end of it and then the men finished off the job.  While we were sitting in the meeting room, a woman knocked on the door and came inside. She was holding her very sick son and asked us for help.  He has a tumor in his head, and became blind after treatment. He is also suffering from lung problems.  We prayed with her and then directed her to the pastor and his wife for help that we could not give her. It was very sad because the boy was very lethargic in her arms. It seemed like a hopeless situation with the medical help or lack of help, but prayer is the most powerful healer. Please pray for this family and many more in these kinds of situations. We walked around the village and had opportunities to talk to people. One man, who has a mental disability came running to us with open arms for hugs. We gave him the hugs he wanted and then he followed us for the rest of the walk.  He continued to ask for hugs and he was very happy. Irene met one of the students from the school, who was playing with her grandfather in her yard. He asked her for a bible with references so that he could study some more.  After talking with Pastor Alvaro, we found out that he already had some contact with this man in the past and he was happy to hear that he was interested in more bible study.  We had an early supper and then headed back to Corozal.  We enjoyed a leisurely walk through the town and became a little lost. After a while we stumbled upon a church that was starting a youth service.  We heard the song "How Great Thou Art" in Spanish and decided to check it out. We found out that they have services six days out of the week. After talking with them for a while, we got directions back to the hotel.  We ended the day with devotions, debriefing and a good card game.


Rose Schulenberg
Feb 2, 2013 at 1:29 pm

Loving your updates! Praying for you all, the people you are working with and and getting to know. I will keep this boy and his family in my prayers as well.

May God bless your hands as you work together to build the Body of Christ!

evert and Nellie
Feb 2, 2013 at 4:11 pm

Thanks for the pictures and updates, we will also pray for this boy and his family. nice picture of Bernie and Derek it is good to see you it just seems you are not so far away. We are hibernating today as it has been snowing since 8 this morning and is still coming down. Did not go to London for Tim's birthday as planned. May your team feel the presence of the Lord as you do your work.

Helen Opthof
Feb 2, 2013 at 6:56 pm

God's richest blessings on the work of your hands. I will pray for the young boy and his family.

Donna, I was at Shalom today dropping off a "thank you" basket from my family. I'm supposing it'll be gone by the time you get back to work!

Take care and God bless ~

Feb 3, 2013 at 8:52 pm

Hi Team Trinity..so nice to see what you are all doing as a team..sounds and looks like you are keeping busy despite the weather...praying that you have a great next 3 days..(where has the time gone, eh??) working at the school..ps. so will we still have bathrooms when we get there...ha ha...glad those have been demolished...take care..special Hi to Bernie and Brenda...maybe seeing you both soon..Greetings from Hans as well

Kim Teeuwsen
Feb 4, 2013 at 10:55 am

The Beacon SK students would like to say Hello to Mrs. Bootsma and say they are having a good week and learning a lot from Mrs. Teeuwsen. We are even having pajama day tomorrow.

We pray for you and your team everyday.

We miss you. See you next week!

Love, your SK students

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