January 9, 2015

Two days in.

Smithville 2015 HANDS Team:

We arrived Wednesday evening, tired and ready for bed, but excited about what would lie ahead. Our project would begin the next morning, at the Instituto Dr Marcos A. Mendieta Cepad-Leon, a Christian school in the heart of the city of Leon, 1.5 hrs north west of the Nehemia Center in Managua. 

Thursday morning, we woke, had breakfast, and proceeded to travel the distance to Leon. We arrived, and were welcomed by many members of the school, staff, students and parents. During a short orientation, we were informed of the extent of the work to be done. The job would include the removal of approximately 80' of old steel roof sheeting and wood rafters, and the replacement with new steel rafters. Also, the electrical would be completely replaced, as well as complete painting and facelift within the 4 rooms below.

As soon as the orientation was complete, Corny, Jay and Gerrit were on the roof. It seemed no sooner they were up there, that the sheets of steel began being handed down to Walter, Brian and Jake and hauled away. Peggy, Marie, Pat, Steph, Alice and Grace began putting the rafters on sawhorses and proceeded to get the paint on them. Rob began to locate and disconnect the hydro, so that the wiring could be removed. 

By end of day Thurday, the roof was off, the rafters had their first coats of paint and the electrical had been removed and new electrical supplies purchased. We were all tired and dirty, and we enjoyed a quiet evening, and an early bedtime. 

Friday (today) saw the continuation of the rafter painting, the preperation of the walls and top plates for the new rafters, and the beginning of the electrical installation. The painting of the walls also started, and a room or two was completed, at least the first coat I think. 

We are now back at the Nehemia Center in Managua, and will be here for the weekend. Tomorrow we will enjoy a cultural day. It remains to be seen what that exactly means!


Jan 10, 2015 at 3:20 pm

Hey, good to see you guys in Nicaragua. Glad you're there safe and sound. It looks like you are all hard at work. That's great...but don't forget to interact with the people. Take time to do that. The work will get done. Ha ha, still trying to be the guy in charge. Just kidding. Have a great time together. Say hi to those I know. Keep posting when you can.

Jan 12, 2015 at 8:12 am

Nice team work guys

Nice to see you in action

Rob are you telling jake how climb that wall

Glad you are all safe

May God keep you safe the duration of your time there

Your work will be greatly appreciated I'm sure!!

Hi to everyone!!

Jan 12, 2015 at 9:18 am

Nice to hear an update! Keep up the good work, we are praying for you!

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