Smithville 2015

Welcome to our official online team page for Smithville 2015, which hopes to travel to Nicaragua in January of 2015. From this website you can learn more about the different members on our team, the goals we have for our trip as well as follow our trip as we blog about our experiences. You can also support us by making a donation online!





Our Team

Blog Posts

In prepration for our trip to Nicaragua, our team set out to raise some funds via a (hopefully) GIGANTIC garage sale and scrap metal...

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We decided that we should, as did many Hands Teams before us, host a pig roast at the cattle barn restaurant of Adrian and...

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We arrived Wednesday evening, tired and ready for bed, but excited about what would lie ahead. Our project would begin the next morning, at...

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One of the great things about being on an Edudeo team is that it is not only about the work. Much effort is spent...

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Tuesday morning we returned to Leon, in order to complete the job. Much work remained but an early start was not to be had...

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