March 4, 2013

Day 7 - Back to work

Slotegraaf and Friends HANDS Team:

When we arrived at the school we found classes taking place in the rooms that we poured on Friday.  2 of the 3 rooms were bursting with students, there was not a couple here or there but bursting at the seams.    We are not sure where all these kids came from , but could see the need for the rooms that had been working on.  That was great for all of us. 

Today we need to prep the areas in front of these rooms for sidewalks and also add an additional 2" of cement to one of the previous rooms that they were using when we got here.  This time we had two extra workers in Melinda and Jessica, who came for the weekend.  Get to work ladies. 

This was the last day on site and we had a great lunch with our workmates from Haiti.  Deni, Danier, Sceeow( C.O), Wilson, Renoit, Ilya, Luca, and Jose( had to go see his family and have lunch with them. 

After saying our goodbyes , we did some neighborhood touring and met a man who invited us into his humble home and was sad that he had nothing to offer us, but he was just happy to have us there.  It was a very modest home that 6 people shared.  He also owned another home that he rented for $40 US per month.  Currently he was not working and his wife was providing the income for the family.

We did see a couple of other schools in other neighborhoods that were all blessed with many students and dedicated teachers. 


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