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Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 7 - Back to work 0 comments

Our Team:

When we arrived at the school we found classes taking place in the rooms that we poured on Friday.  2 of the 3 rooms were bursting with students, there was not a couple here or there but bursting at the seams.    We are not sure where all these kids came from , but could see the need for the rooms that had been working on.  That was great for all of us. 

Today we need to prep the areas in front of these rooms for sidewalks and also add an additional 2" of cement to one of the previous rooms that they were using when we got here.  This time we had two extra workers in Melinda and Jessica, who came for the weekend.  Get to work ladies. 

This was the last day on site and we had a great lunch with our workmates from Haiti.  Deni, Danier, Sceeow( C.O), Wilson, Renoit, Ilya, Luca, and Jose( had to go see his family and have lunch with them. 

After saying our goodbyes , we did some neighborhood touring and met a man who invited us into his humble home and was sad that he had nothing to offer us, but he was just happy to have us there.  It was a very modest home that 6 people shared.  He also owned another home that he rented for $40 US per month.  Currently he was not working and his wife was providing the income for the family.

We did see a couple of other schools in other neighborhoods that were all blessed with many students and dedicated teachers. 

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 6 - Sunday - Church Service at Victor's Church 0 comments

We were invited to Victor's Church today for the 22nd Anniversary of the Church there.  The service was translated for us by Victor onto a Power Point at the front when he was not up leading the music on the keyboard and singing.  Every Sunday the entire congregation has lunch- La Bandera- Chicken, rice and beans as group.  - Every Sunday.... sure beats coffee only. 

After the service we went to the beachfront were the Carnival Parade for Independence Day ( Previous Wednesday).  It was a parade that went on for miles with revellers dressed in costumes large and small, all working hard and sweating buckets.  The music was loud and that is a under statement as some of the floats were just pure speaker sets blaring the tunes as loud as they could get it.  Awesome.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 5 - Jungle Adventure/ Rafting at Jarabacoa 0 comments

The group got into the van at 6:30 am to travel almost 3 hours into the interior and up a lot of hills/mountains.  The mountain views were breathtaking with hillside homes that seemed hanging on the side of the mountain and looked almost impossible to get to.  Once we arrived at the Baiagaiti Ranch we had a great breakfast and were shown a training video for the upcoming death defying rafting excursion that we were promised.( somewhat exaggerating)

They outfitted us in some snug fitting ( some couldn't utilize the zippers) wetsuits, helmits and life jackets.  Off we set for the river and some more training in the boats on the ground, just in case, I guess.  Boats in the water and off we went.   There was a lot of drama from our guides as they made it a little more exciting by going down backwards, sideways and with broken paddles.  It was a great 2 hour trip that had some spills, thrill and back flip drills.  We all managed to make it to the end- there were some scary moments in between, but God had us in his protection the whole time. 

A volleyball game, some fishing(the Canadians were severely outfished by the Dominicans), swimming and and lots of laughs.

Back in the van for the trip home to the ministry center for a good nights rest.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 4 - Pouring 3 Classroom Floors 2 comments

This morning we arrived to a fresh dumptruck load of river bed fill that we were going to use in the mix for making concrete for the classroom floors.  It was quickly decided that this was the wrong sized material for the floors so it needed to be replaced.  A dump truck and four workers arrived to shovel the entire load back into the dump truck- the walls of the truck were at least 8 feet up. 

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