February 17, 2017

Our day off

Slotegraaf HANDS Team:

Today was our off day. 

We headed out from the port at Belize City on the ocean ferry and boated to San Pedro which is one of the large tourism attractions off the coast of Belize.  Belize has multiple islands beside it in the atlantic which are close to the Belize Barrier Reef which stretches up and down the atlantic coast. 

When we got to San Pedro we headed out with 2 tour guides to go snorkeling at the reef.  We spent roughly 2 hours on the water.  Some of the highlights included sea turtles (one was quite large and close),  sting rays, baracudas, snapper fish, and a large green eel which was roughly 6 feet long.  We also went to a different section of the reef where they feed the Nurse Sharks.  Nurse sharks have no teeth and are not dangerous at all.  We swam around the boat from a distance as they went for the food our tour guides dropped. 

When we were done snorkeling we went for lunch at a resort on the island, then for ice cream in the village.  We then had a couple hours to tour the island and relax on the beach. 

Tomorrow we head home in the afternoon. 

Thank you to all who followed the blog.  See you next year.


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