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Friday, February 12, 2016

Last evening in Belize 2 comments

Our Team:

Day 6- Last day of work. Used up the last of the Portland cement.  Ran what was remaining of wire.  Painted the fence posts around the basketball court.  Tidied up the rooftop so that it was left cleaner than when we arrived.  The classrooms now just need the light fixtures and fans to be completed.  Hopefully the government will provide some grant money to help with the purchase of the fixtures, so that the classrooms will be in full use when we come back next year.  

Day 7- Our day off to relax and marvel at God's handiwork in the countryside west of Belize City.  We were accompanied by Pastor Betson, Manuel, Robert (not Leegstra), and Brian and Carrie (a couple from West Virginia we met during Sunday worship at St. Andrew's).  It was raining lightly, but the temperature was great.  We went to Jaguar Paw to go ziplining through the canopy of the forests, and then spent the afternoon floating lazily down the river, as it snaked its way through limestone rocks and cave systems. Being in full darkness for up to fifteen minutes with only our headlamps to guide us, the cameras could not capture the splendour of the caves, so the only pictures we have are shots from the river in daylight.  

Day 8- Travel Day.  Take-off scheduled for 1:20 Belize time.  Hope to be back at home base by midnight tomorrow.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tuesday evening 3 comments

After checking our blog and seeing that nobody had commented on our first post, we decided there was no rush to post a second, since we figured nobody back home was interested in what we were up to.  Then we realized that we are not quite as good technologically as we are with a parging trowel or a set of Belizian electrical engineering drawings (see picture).  We hadn't published the first post.  So, tonight you get two!

Day 4-  The day began with the students singing the national anthem while lined up in front of the school to start their day (see picture).  Mike and Josh, with Swayze and Robert (not Leegstra) and supervised by Pastor Betson, worked on running wires in the second half of the second floor, trying to decipher the set of plans they were given.  The rest of the crew worked on the parging up on the roof.  There were no rain clouds today to wash away our work, so the day ended productively.  While waiting for Pastor Betson to pick us up, a soccer match broke out between the Cobras and the Belizian Junior national team.  Final score: Cobras 2-Belize 1. (see photo)

Day 5- Everybody tackled the same tasks as yesterday, but today Mike and Josh didn't have a set of plans to work from, since the first half of the second floor was a separate, older phase of the building, and the drawings were not to be found.  They spent the day mapping out the conduit, and planning the circuitry.  The crew upstairs completed the parging for today, and a good portion of tomorrow's as well, so we will find some more areas to parge, or come up with another list of tasks.

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday afternoon 1 comment

Day 1- Travel day.  Everybody made it, no travel complications.

- Went to the school on our way from the airport, met up with Manuel, Oscar and reviewed our work for the week.

Day 2- The day started with a light rain, but we began parging the walls on the rooftop anyways.  By lunch, the rain became heavy enough that we had to cover the walls and move down to begin pulling wire in the classrooms.  At the end of the day we went up to check our parging, unfortunately some of it had washed off, so we know what we will be doing Monday! Again.

Day 3- We went to St. Andrew's with Pastor Betson in the morning.  We spent the afternoon relaxing on the front porch swing of the Betson manse, resting up for our next 4 days of work.

 Stay posted.....

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