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Thursday, February 23, 2012

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Our Team:

Yesterday Paster Betson brought us to the island of San Pedro for a day of fun and relaxation.  We enjoyed a relaxing day on the Caribbean Sea snorkeling and swimming.  We also did some sight-seeing on the island.  

Those awake early enough this morning were treated to perhaps the best sunrise we had all week. After breakfast, we went to the school for their chapel and to say see you next year.  We participated in some singing with the students, then listened to the Pastor's message of encouragement to the students.  Interestingly, he spoke about "seeking first the kingdom of God"  which was also part of the devotions we did as a group last night.  Talk about seeing 8 grown men squirm and feel a lump in their throats after hearing the words of the teachers and students.

We said good-bye to Emmanuel and Omer, then went for a quick tour of Old Belize, which was a historic tourist village.  We are now back at the Pastor's home making final preparations for our flight back home.  

See everybody back home tonight!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Night 0 comments

Today we completed our work at the school.  All of the forming, shoring, and plywood sheating work is completed and ready for pouring concrete, hopefully to be done on Saturday by Emmanuel and Omer.  Walter and Calvin even found some time to give the supply room/ workshop a good house cleaning;  there were a few geckos unhappy to have their habitats swept up.  After a work day that finished early afternoon, we headed into town to see the sights and do some shopping.  

Tomorrow Pastor Betson will take us to the island of San Pedro for a day on the seas and the island.

God Bless


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Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Night 0 comments

Another hot day in Belize City.  Although the temperatures were soaring in the low thirties the Slotegraaf HANDS team and local supervisors are well on the way to completing their tasks.  We have completed installing bush sticks (engineered Belizian shoring) photo1.

For breakfast the Pastor made us homemade heart shaped waffles with a side of scrambled eggs and fresh oranges.  Lunch was Miss Babsie's delicious pig tails (real ones), beef stew, rice and beans, and fried plantain (similar to banana).  Supper was a treat of fried fish, mashed potatoes, and bread pudding.  As always the Pastor and Miss Babsie are taking good care of us. 

After a thoughtful group devotional, we are relaxing on the front porch enjoing the breeze as it blows across the Carribean Sea, waiting to pack it in to rest up for our last work day tomorrow.

We are well on target to "accomplish fitting two weeks of work into one week" (Pastor Betson)

Missing family back home

God bless

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Night 1 comment

Saturday night, its hockey night in Canada and here in Belize we missed it... but haven't really missed it. It has been four days in Belize and work has gone well.  It's good to see everybody again.  Lots of progress has been made since our first trip to Belize three years ago.  

ps. Conunt pie was delicious tonight

Have a good Sunday. God bless.

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