May 16, 2011

Day 9

Redeemer HANDS Team:

Since it was the last day you can only expect that it was sad so we had to find ways to really liven things up at the work site. Trevor and Michelle brought some soccer balls to play with the guys on site. Well that really helped to give a good kick start to the day. The guys were so happy that during the game they got pretty instance. During the game we only received a few injuries, are one in particular was Rachel getting so excited that she kicked the ball a little to hard and instead of getting to the goal it made it to a fellow team members face. Well they received a fair headache and a bit of numbing to her hand and right side of the face and her vision blurred since the ball hit the left side. For a while we were in fear that she would have and she did receive a mild concussion but Elise is now doing fine so no worry, Zena I will make sure to wake her a bit in the night to be really sure. ^-^

After that fun and exciting morning we got down to work were we finished the painting of the inside of the building which is a nice and tasty vanilla colour. Than once that was finished we all just hung and chilled with the guys and took lots of pictures and tears, especially Trevor, poor boy was just a balling, ^-^ (just kidding but he was on the inside). Than we gave a ball to one of the workers with our signature since we redeemer white kids are so good at soccer that are autography are quit valuable in Canada. ^-^ So in order to give him and even bigger prize than are autograph we took some more pictures with him. Than it was some more chilling and having the guys singing us a song that brought as all to tears again! Hugs and Good Byes were exchanged with more pictures and the leaving behind of our work shoes and some other stuff and we headed off back to the house trying to control the crying.

Not too much upon arrival just dinner and than more pictures with Aunt Joe and Belinda both in a group and individually and thus more tears. We returned to the living room and continued on with devos. Aunt Joe and Belinda arrived with a surprise for all of us, which was fresh fruit than are thinking of trying to get home. We all received a pineapple, mango, and 2 plantains.

After that Julia had a surprise exercise for the group, where we got into a circle and prayed with inspiring words for each individual person. That was the end to are day but I can be sure we will have much more to tell upon our arrival home. Shout out to my mom, dad, Rob, Lindsay, and my little baby nephew Rylie can’t wait to see you.

Love You All, and see you soon.


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