May 13, 2011

Day 8

Redeemer HANDS Team:

Hey, it’s Sarah K blogging today… May 11, third last day in Ghana. Today was so much fun. Instead of going to the work site today, we visited a school in Asamankese. We got there at the beginning of classes, and after meeting all the teachers, were brought to the Lower Level students (Kindergarten through Grade 3) to teach them songs. We started out by splitting the room into four sections to sing “Hallelujah, Praise Ye the Lord.” They had so much fun, very enthusiastic. They have a real exuberance to learn. We only needed to practice a few times before they were pro!

Next we used the board to teach them “I am a C, I am a CH…” Because there are so many students (In the school are six grades; each grade has two sections, and each section has at least 30 students…so a lot of kids!), we broke them into two groups for this. After doing it as a group a few brave students came up and tried it themselves :) In times where we weren’t teaching them something, they all clamoured to touch us and especially to have their picture taken. Some were shy, ducking behind their friends when you noticed them but they were all very friendly and smiling! If I held my hand out to high-five one, I was immediately mobbed by them grabbing my hands…so many kids all wanting a handshake.

Next, we headed to the Upper Levels (Grades 4, 5, and 6) to teach Bible and Geography lessons. They split the uppers into 5 groups so that we could have 2 “obroni’s” per class. Julia and I had the Grade 5 class. After introducing ourselves, we taught the story of creation for Bible—they memorized the order of Creation very easily. The students here all have an eagerness to learn. Moving on to geography, we taught the provinces and territories, comparing the size of Canada to Ghana, and talked about the seasons, especially snow. We talked about culture (food, sports—They asked if I could name 3 soccer—“football”—players from Canada, but I couldn’t. They love soccer here!), then we took questions. They asked for our national anthem, so we sang it, then they sang us their anthem and said their pledge for us. They wanted to know about our ages and our school, and if we were married :)

When the lesson ended, all of the children were dismissed from class and headed up the hill to an open field. We brought a couple soccer balls and they were so excited! Chaos at its finest! For those of us who weren’t playing soccer, we just hung out with the kids…you were never, ever alone! I sat down on the grass and an immediate circle of kids from all the ages formed around me. I learned some of their names, and we sang so many songs, some together, some just them that I didn’t know, and then they told me it was my turn, so I sang a few “Canadian” songs :) I also played some new games with them. One involved jumping, stomping, and clapping in some sort of rhythm that I simply couldn’t get right, and we also did some dancing…Ghanaians love to dance!

When we had to leave, we were again mobbed by kids, this time shoving paper at us and asking us for our email. I hated to have to go. On the way back, we stopped at another school. Pricilla, the woman who took us through town, told me that the school was her grandmother’s and after her death, the family had kept it going. These kids were younger, and so precious. Some of them were shy with us, others not; one of the shy ones came up to me, tugged on my shirt and held her arms up—so cute!! They sang some songs for us as well. Amelia, a one of the quieter ones, and a very outgoing, camera-lovin’ boy, Samuel, came back with us to visit where we are staying, and Pricilla brought them back after.

Then there was quiet time for us until supper, which was amazing as always. During the afternoon, Tamarrah went into town and got her hair braided—looks so good! Then after supper Belinda, our cook, came and we made her sit down and talk to us :). Auntie Jo (our hostess), Kujo (who takes care of us, water, etc), and a few others joined us as well. So much fun! Then singing and devo’s, and making cards for some of the people here like the workers at the site. Today was so much fun! I loved the kids so much; they are all so precious.

Shout-out to my dad: it’s your birthday tomorrow!! (Well, probably today by the time the internet works well enough to post this :) Happy Birthday, Love you!! Hi and I love you to the rest of my family and friends, Miss you!!


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