May 11, 2011

Day 7

Redeemer HANDS Team:

Like most mornings I (Melissa) woke up to very loud music playing at 6am, I check the time and roll over and am thankful for the 30mins I have left to sleep! Michelle and I (my roommate) were very slow to get from our room to breakfast. To our surprise we rolled in a bit late and found that no one else was ready. Our team even though we had two days off were very slow at getting up and ready for the work day. Even though we were slow we all were pretty excited to go back to the work site after two days off to get back to work.

The walk to the work site is always exciting and makes all of us feel very special, as we are greeted by everyone on the streets. Little children run from their homes yelling at us and smiling and trying to catch up to us just to give us a high five. Every morning our “twi” (their language) is getting better and better. As the people greet us they are impressed as we respond to them in twi. They smile at us and are excited that we are learning more about their culture and language.

I am not sure who was more excited, us to see the workers or the workers to see us! Neither way we were both excited to be able to work together and for them to teach us more twi. When we left the work site on Saturday and came back on Tuesday the workers had finished half of the cement floor and finished another coat of paint on the outside. We were all excited to see how much the work site is becoming to look more and more like a school. Since the school is close to be finished the task have become smaller and smaller as we have to wait for one task to be finished before we start the other. We took this opportunity to learn more twi. We learned how to say my love, I love you, and beautiful/handsome. We made sure to use these words in every sentence we said to the workers. One of the workers name is Bado, which rhymes with mado, which means my love; so we would say mado-Bado! We would chant this over and over again and everyone would laugh! Sarah M. and Jess would sing songs to the workers while they were working and they would sing songs back to them in their language. The workers then would dance for us and put on a show. Working today was filled with a lot of laughter and learning. We had an awesome time connecting with the workers and getting to them more.

Eight of us adventured down to the market, even though it was not a market day there was still people selling things it just wasn’t as busy. We went because we wanted to pick up some presents (if you are likely you might be getting one ;) I really enjoy going to the market because it is nothing like what we have in Canada! There are tons of people trying to sell their products. We had a very couple of things we had in mind to buy but you will have to wait until we get back into Canada to find out what those are!

I personally love going to the market because all the kids come out and play with you! I talked to one girl who was ten years old who was really good at English I told her all of our names and she told me her friends’ names. One thing I found interesting was that when people meet us they want to know our names, so we each go one by one saying our names. When they come to my name they cannot say the L in Melissa so my name always comes out sounding Marissa, I try to correct them but then cannot get Melissa right. We all got what we needed and started the long walk back! When we all get back to Canada we are going to be so fit because we walk everywhere and when we walk, we walk LOTS of hills!

Our team cannot believe that we only have three full days left in Ghana! We are excited for what the rest of the days bring and are trying to live in the moment so we can get the most out of being here! A little shout out to my family that I miss a lot and I am excited to see you all when I return! I love you Momma!!!

Pray for us as we are teaching at a school tomorrow!


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