May 7, 2011

Day 4

Redeemer HANDS Team:

Wow!! Another day in Ghana and I don’t even know where to begin!! One more early morning, but we all are beginning to adjust. Some of us were a bit sore this morning from the last few days of working, but God is good and His faithfulness is amazing. For team devos Friday night we talked about how His strength is perfect in our weakness. Today we were all able to see Him working. It was physical weakness that several of us were battling. But we serve an AMAZING Lord! Today at the job site, it seemed as if we accomplished so much more than before. A lot more physically demanding work was involved in today, but God gave us enough strength to endure!

So today, after breakfast we headed out to the work site and arrived before 8:30am. Most of the local workers had not arrived yet so we sat in the shed. As they arrived, they joined us in the shed and ate their breakfast. While waiting, it was so neat to compare music and singers. One of the Ghanaian workers knew of several of the popular Canadian songs and we sang along together. Then he showed us some Ghanaian break dancing!

Working today required a lot of hard manual labour. We finished some painting and then had to mix the cement for the floor of the school building. It is coming along so well!! Today was so incredible as we continue to make closer connections with the workers. Dora, one of the young lady workers, carries water from the well for the men to make the cement and mortar. The well is about 50m plus behind the school building and she faithfully carries water in a bucket on her head multiple times a day. Some of us girls were able to help her by carrying a small bucket on our heads. This is no easy task let me tell you! The Ghanaians make it look so easy as they carry everything on their heads, but today when I had to make many trips to and from the well, it is intense work! Dora is so sweet and she has such a big heart and smile. She has been teaching us girls various words in their native language as well as a praise song. She patiently repeats the words over and over again and gives me and the other girls many different chances to practice using what we were taught. The other workers also love teaching us their language and laugh at and with us while we try to repeat what they are saying.

One young worker was extremely excited to teach us more and he always took every opportunity to teach us new words based on the actions of the other workers. He is fairly fluent in English and as we talked with him, he told us his story. He has had school up to grade 8 but because he doesn’t have enough money and no access to higher education school buildings, he can’t go further in his education. He sounds like such a bright man, and I could tell that he would love to do more than manual labour for the rest of his life. There was some disappointment when he said how because he can’t get more education, this is what he will be doing for the rest of his life. But how encouraging is it that because of his work, a few more Ghana children get the chance at some education.

A couple of children came by and started talking with some of the girls. It was so sweet to see one of the young girls make a connection with a girl on our team. The young Ghana girl snuggled up into the lap of Sarah K on our team and fully enjoyed the attention and love. These Ghana children are so precious!

This afternoon, a Ghana lady came over with some dresses she tailor made for us based on some material we picked yesterday. The light in our living room broke tonight and so we were using a flashlight to look at the dresses. After that it was so much fun laughing with them while we made various shadow puppet animals on the wall. They laughed and clapped and tried to guess each animal! So much fun!

Tonight we had our devos outside sitting under the stars playing guitar and singing praise songs. While I was sitting there, suddenly across the sky a huge shooting star or comet flew across. Our God is great! What another great day in Ghana!

Thanks again for all your prayers!! Looking forward to what God has in store for the rest of this week. 



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