May 6, 2011

Day 2

Redeemer HANDS Team:

So, today was the second full day in Ghana! We woke up at 6:30 a.m to the beautiful HOT sun shining through our windows. It’s actually easy to wake up that early and if you know most of us then that is surprising! We got food brought to our “common room” at 7:00 where we all gather together and eat. While we eat we did a small devotion then grabbed all of our work supplies and headed out. As soon and we stepped outside, the sweating began. We had a 10-15 minute walk to the work site where we passed by the local people and they waved and smiled at us.

The children stood by the side of the road with the biggest smiles on their faces and they waved so big, screaming “Abroni”, meaning white person. Today, when we got to the work site we took a small hike up a hill and walked through two families homes. It was so unreal to see the simple way they live. Their homes were put together with scraps of metal and mud, clothes hanging on lines, chickens, goats and sheep everywhere, twigs made into brooms where they would sweep the dirt floors. When we got to the top of the hill we were on someone else’s property, there were about 8 kids who could not believe we were there. They were so shy but were excited to get in the pictures with us. We stayed at the top of the hill and took in the view. You could see for miles the jungle and village.

When we got back to the work site we finished painting the interior of the school then worked our way to the exterior. The paint colours were Cinnamon, Tobacco, Chocolate and Vanilla. You can imagine what it looks like! Around 12 we had lunch which consisted of chicken, real yam fries, pineapple and mangoes. During our work day we spent a lot of time learning Ghanaian words and expressions from the workers. They had a good laugh at us trying to say it right. We took lots of pictures and they got some of us on their cell phones. Speaking of pictures, Trevor was showing us his girl and Michelle ripped it out of his hand and ran to all the workers exclaiming “This is Trevor’s girlfriend!!” and Trevor ran after her trying to take it away but was smiling and looked very proud. The workers patted him on the back and said good job and got a kick out of the situation. Some kids from up the hill followed us down and we played Frisbee with them.

We left the work site around 1:30 p.m and walked back to the guest house. We were filthy and smelly and being the smarty pants that I am, I jumped into the shower first. After I showered, the others tried to and the water pressure died so they couldn’t even shower! We hung out at the house for a few hours of the afternoon, then around 3:30 pm got pretty restless and 5 of us decided to go for a walk further into town. So, Michelle, Melissa, Jess, Tamarrah and I (Elise) walked down the street heading to town and as we walked, every person we passed would wave, smile and say hello. The kids would yell at us and wave and even follow behind us for a while. We came across a bunch of kids playing soccer who invited us to join in. We played pass with them for a while then set up a 5 on 5 game, the white girls who don’t know how to play against little boys who play every single day with no shoes, in the dirt with a flat ball. They kicked our butts, royally. Finally after they scored a million times they would pass it right to us while we were in front of their goal so we could take a shot, they definitely felt bad for us. The kids watching were laughing very hard at us! We entertained them, that’s for sure. They asked if we could come back tomorrow, so we might get to play again!

We walked back to the guest house and ate dinner, which consisted of chicken, rice, fried plantain, pineapple and frozen yogurt in a bag (at lunch we also got vanilla ice cream in a bag). Now we are all sitting around the living room joking around and writing in our journals. We are about to do devotions so I better stop now. Sorry for all the details, Oh, also, we drink about 6 litres of water a day! So crazy! Its soooooo HOT. 

Anyways, LOVE YOU MOM DAD BRAD RILEY and a special shout out to my Granny. Love you all.

Elise -Team member

PS if you guys didn't clue in each team member is responsible for a day and blogs about their experience that every day you will hear from a new person!


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