May 1, 2011

2 more days

Redeemer HANDS Team:

Hello everyone,

Time is winding down. We are so close to leaving....almost 2 more days till we are in Ghana. The excitement throughout the team is undeniable. We are so excited what God is going to do through us, in us, and through the community we will be serving in. We are also excited to interact with the locals, the kids, and everyone involved.

Through this whole experience our team has learned so much. We have learned soley to trust on God and nothing else. We have come to him and he has never failed us. We thought we'd never raise our funds and last minute God just showered us with blessings and we had all our funds come in! It was so awesome to see how it all worked out. Our team yes has been attacked by the devil so many times towards this experience. However, someone told know you are doing something right when that happens because he is terrified of the amazing things you will do in Ghana through God. We experienced him through the stresses of finances, the cancellation of fundraisers, poor turnouts, not thinging we would raise all our funds, sickness, and so much more. However praise God for how God he has been to us!

Now is the hard part...waiting to board that plane and get there. We ask that you keep our team in your prayers while we have a long 10 hour travel to get to Ghana on Tuesday night. We will arrive in Ghana on Wednesday at 1:30 pm their time (they are 4 hours ahead of us here in Canada). So please pray for safe travels and not sickness/exaustion.

The rest of the team will be arriving at my house tomorrow night and we will be spending time together in prayer, bonding, and reminising. We pray that this time will bond our team even closer together.

The next time we update you we will be in Ghana. We will have internet so you will be able to hopefully follow us day by day and our journey down there!

Thank you everyone for your support from either prayers, donations, encouragement, anything!! We have a great community surrounding our team and it is sooo awesome to see!

See you all on the other side of the world :)

(Team Leader)


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