November 8, 2014

Day 6--Day of Contrasts

Red Deer HANDS Team:

Today was our cultural day.  We were blessed to see and experience a variety of what Nicaragua has to offer.

As we drove south east of Managua, we noticed that some of the towns seem to have a specialty- e.g. woodworking, gardening, and pottery.  We were able to watch a pottery demonstration.  Ger even got a chance to try her hand at the potter’s wheel.  Most of the team then went zip lining.  They loved flying through the canopy, seeing howler monkeys in their natural habitat, and experiencing the lush forest in a unique manner.  Later, we boarded a small boat, and toured through some of the 365 islands in Lake Nicaragua.  A highlight was stopping at MonkeyIsland and meeting Lucy and her baby – up close and personal! We also spent a little time in the beautiful city of Granada.  Our last stop was the Masaya Volcano- a stark contrast in landscape to the vegetation we had seen earlier. 

This was a definitely a day of contrasts! After spending our first few days in an area that is probably one of Managua’s poorest neighbourhoods, it was encouraging to experience some of the beauty in Nicaragua, as well as see some of the possibilities for this country.  The Edudeo staff does an amazing job of not only selecting the jobs and organizing the work, but also of educating the teams about the dynamics and needs of the country of Nicaragua.  We are so grateful for their leadership and today’s experiences.  We are looking forward to returning to the job site on Monday.



Nov 9, 2014 at 12:04 am

Saturday night, almost 10 pm. Today we attended Clarence Brouwer's funeral. A day of reflection for you, as it was for us. We're happy you have these few days of relaxation and restoration for your tired bodies. Next week you'll be back at work and we trust you'll all be eager to resume work on the project. No doubt you will be well remembered during worship service here, and we will remember you individually, as we have been. You're never out of our thoughts!

Have a blessed Sunday and feel loved by us all at 1st CRCRD!

Nov 9, 2014 at 12:21 am

I am enjoying all the photos and scenery. Looks like you are having a great time, Ger did you think that Monkey was looking to land in your lap? I pray that you will all be able to rest and meditate on Gods' goodness, so that you are recharged and ready for the work ahead.

blessings to you all :)

Nov 9, 2014 at 5:01 am

Am home again. Enjoying the last two sets of pictures and the blog. Blessings for the next days of work and play.

Nov 9, 2014 at 9:52 pm

Awesome Photos!!! Beautiful Beautiful! Blessings to you all as you continue this journey!


Nov 9, 2014 at 10:21 pm

Up for an awesome Church service this morning where pictures of the HANDS team and their experiences were shared with the congregation. So proud to know you all and see the awesome work that you are doing there! Home after Church and shoveled snow... only to watch it continue to fall!! will be up and out doing it again tomorrow!! Glad to see that you are able to take some time for yourselves!! Keep up the great work dear friends...I hope that you all can feel the cyberhugs and prayers being lifted for you daily!! God bless and God keep you free from harm and in good health!! Love, hugs and blessings from the Great White North America!! :)

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