March 9, 2019

Day 2: Plot Twist - It Rained!

Providence 2019 HANDS Team:

Today started out with blue skies and a hot sun, and we felt that as we worked hard levelling out the ground and laying bricks. However, by the time lunch rolled around, the skies had grown dark and the clouds started to drizzle rain all around us.

 We stopped early for lunch prepared for us by one of the teachers of the school (Dominican stew with Yam and sausage on white rice!), but then got right back at it laying down yet more brick. However, we had hardly been working for an hour when the rains poured down around us. We stopped yet again, only to return to work for more rain. While we waited for the rain to stop, Franklin, our translator, taught Simon to salsa dance.

Eventually, we got back to work, fighting through not only the heat but also giant clumps of mud that caked to our shoes. However, we got the job done, and we added a few feet on most of the walls. When we get back at it on Monday, we’ll hardly have any brick-laying to do before we get to putting up steel pillars. 

After work, Franklin took us to a river, where we followed a path surrounded by cocoa trees to a gorgeous river. After half-an-hour of wading, we headed back to our hotel for dinner. 


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