March 8, 2019

Day One: Adventures with Excited Children

Providence 2019 HANDS Team:

After a full day of flying (only one layover in Newark, New Jersey), our team landed safely in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. We are currently residing in Hotel de Toro in Monte Plata. There we met our translator, Franklin, who does a great chicken impression. After a dinner last night, we had devotions led by our worship leader, Simon Vellenga. We discussed what we saw so far, and how the Dominican culture is so different than ours. While our houses have many rooms and are nicely built, theirs are built out of nothing more than wood, scraps of metal, and are typically very small.  

After a good few hours of sleep, our team got up, had a hearty breakfast, and headed to our worksite at Apocalypsis school. We started the day by a presentation by the students, who were very enthusiastic to see us at their school! We then started the construction efforts by levelling the floor while a few of us started to lay bricks. We then broke for lunch, and then met with the children for their recess. They were so enthusiastic, and taught us some of their games, which are similar to the ones we play but in Spanish. While there was a language barrier between us and the children, it didn’t stop us from getting to know the children and their individual personalities. After lunch, construction started up again: we leveled floors and kept up with the walls. For those of you who don’t know, or haven’t been keeping up with my current blog posts: we’re building classrooms for the school in Monte Plata who need more, as they’re switching from half days of school to full days. After a full day or work, we travelled home for showers and food.


EduDeo Staff
Mar 10, 2019 at 8:26 am

So glad to you made it to the Lovely Dominican Republic! Looks like it didn't take you folks long to get into the groove of things. Beautiful Country, Beautiful People and a Beautiful place to serve our Lord! Enjoy your Sunday with your brothers and sisters!

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