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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Day 5: Heartfelt Goodbyes 1 comment

Our Team:

Today was our last day at the job-site, and it was an emotional one! The morning was mostly spent filling cornerforms with concrete, with only a brief splash of rain. However, the afternoon was more emotional and exciting:

It started with many water fights between construction staff and volunteers, which depleted half of our water supply. After that, we set to work cleaning the job site of loose bricks and woods. Once we finished that, we were invited to an assembly that the students held for us. 

We danced with the students, and the grade eights sang us a few songs. Then Luciano awarded us for our hard work with a bag of homemade-chocolate! We then prayed, and waded through the children to make our goodbyes. Hugs were given, tears were shed, and numbers were asked for as we made our way from younger to older students. The connections we made in the past week ended in tearful farewells. 

Eventually, we boarded the van and left. Tomorrow we’re off to Santo Domingo for tourist activities.

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Monday, March 11, 2019

Day 4: An Adventure with Fresh Fruit 2 comments

Apologies for inactivity. Yesterday was Sunday, so we all rested from work and went to the Christian Reformed Church by our work site, and then to a waterfall. 

Today, however, was much more exciting! It started off with light drizzle, but then the skies turned to sun which beat on our backs as we laid more and more bricks. Today we finished with the walls, and hope to move on to more things tomorrow. We took frequent breaks throughout the day to play games with the children, who were back today. After the work was done, however, was when things really got interesting.

The principal of the school, Luciano, took us through the paté (a Dominican village) and to his farm, where he grows cacao, bananas, passion fruit, melons, and guava. As we walked to his farm, he told us the interesting history of the pâté: the pâté used to be a sugar-cane farm, but was redeveloped after gold was found in the mountains by the pâté. 

We then followed a path to his farm, which was guarded by wild-pepper plants which Todd and Allison had the misfortune of tasting. As we were going into Luciano’s farm, we got to try raw cacao - which, surprisingly, is purple inside. It tastes a little like melon and banana, but is a little like very dark chocolate when you bite into it. We then followed Luciano into his very large farm, and got to try his fresh banana, guava, and passion fruit.

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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Day 3: First Work Day 1 comment

Here are some photos of the team working hard levelling floors and laying block walls. After a day of work, dinner and a shower the team was able to do some exploring and experience the beautiful views from the hotel rooftop.

Please keep the Providence HANDS team in your prayers as they serve on their trip this week. 

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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Day 2: Plot Twist - It Rained! 0 comments

Today started out with blue skies and a hot sun, and we felt that as we worked hard levelling out the ground and laying bricks. However, by the time lunch rolled around, the skies had grown dark and the clouds started to drizzle rain all around us.

 We stopped early for lunch prepared for us by one of the teachers of the school (Dominican stew with Yam and sausage on white rice!), but then got right back at it laying down yet more brick. However, we had hardly been working for an hour when the rains poured down around us. We stopped yet again, only to return to work for more rain. While we waited for the rain to stop, Franklin, our translator, taught Simon to salsa dance.

Eventually, we got back to work, fighting through not only the heat but also giant clumps of mud that caked to our shoes. However, we got the job done, and we added a few feet on most of the walls. When we get back at it on Monday, we’ll hardly have any brick-laying to do before we get to putting up steel pillars. 

After work, Franklin took us to a river, where we followed a path surrounded by cocoa trees to a gorgeous river. After half-an-hour of wading, we headed back to our hotel for dinner. 

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