March 14, 2017

Day 5: Hard Working

Providence HANDS Team:

Many things were accomplished today. We arrived at the ministry center/school again after getting up early again. We were able to move materials, clean areas, and even paint! But we first recieved a tour of the classes in the morning. 

Following the tour, we ended up relocating three large piles of sand/gravel using a couple shovels and a wheelbarrow. While a few of us did that, others began moving more of the logs, planks, and plywood to the top floor. The rest of us were able to make the work area super clean by sweeping up all the concrete dust/sand, and other lingering debris. Our final task was painting, which all of us helped out with in one way or another. 

As the construction began to be wrapped up on the second floor, we were able to begin repainting the classrooms that had already been there. From scraping the bumps on the ceiling, to plastering the dents in the walls, everyone had a job to do. First painting the roof, we then moved on to the walls. All the while, paint somehow managed to make its way onto nearly every student... and not just as a side effect of simply painting two rooms. 

Overall, we were able to get lots done for the school, the students said how glad they were that we could come, and we thanked them for giving us the opportunity. 

After the longer day at work, we returned to the compound, where we were able to take a quick swim, and then eat supper. Following this we played games, and then did our devotions. 

The piece of armour we focused on tonight was the Helmet of Salvation. This piece protects our minds from insecurity, and gives us confidence in what is to come. We know that we will recieve salvation if we truly believe in God, His promises, and His gifts to us. This gives us the strength and assurance to stand firm in what we believe, and to not waver when other thoughts are presented from within or without. 


(More pictures will be uploaded to other posts throughout the week) 


Karla M Ponce
Mar 15, 2017 at 2:10 pm

I'm glad that you all feel like you are contributing to the project. Remember that its not the skills behind it but more about your heart of service. Thanks again for being there!

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