March 13, 2017

Day 4: Assembly Lines

Providence HANDS Team:

Yet another early morning, and another delicious breakfast, this time of French toast, sausage, and bananas. Then we headed out to work. 

The exciting thing about today was that there were actually students at the school today. a few of us were able to (try to) communicate with them, and take a few pictures with them as well. On top of that, they seemed fascinated with us and the work we were doing. (We also found some gecko friends!)

We helped out much more today, as we were able to finish moving the cinder blocks, moving many pieces of wood to the third floor, which would be used for framing, and logs to support the roof frame for when the concrete ceiling is poured. Our most effecient way of transporting nearly everything is a human chain, passing the blocks, wood, logs, or whatever else down the line. The contractor and some of the other workers seem impressed with how quickly we are able move the things to where they need to be! 

We stacked another massive pile of cinder blocks on the second floor, and brought the wood/logs upstairs, then we were able to help out by tieing up a bunch more rebars. The work as well as water breaks and conversing with the students brought us to all the way to lunch time. 

After lunch, we finished up a few more rebars, and cleaned up the worksite again. 

Coming to the end of our work-day, we headed home to again go swimming and play games until supper, after which we did our devotions again. 

Tonight's devotions were on the Shield of Faith, and how our faith acts as a shield from temptation and sin. Without a firm faith in Jesus, we are standing exposed to the devil's attacks. In order to be protected, we must have a firm trust in what we cannot see, true faith in our Saviour in order for Him to be able to protect us. 


(More pictures will be uploaded to other posts throughout the week) 



Karla-Maria Ponce
Mar 15, 2017 at 12:07 pm

Loving these updates and pictures!

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