March 9, 2017

Dominican, Here We Come!

Providence HANDS Team:

An early morning for everyone on the team, we make our way to meet up at 7:30am. From there, we then had a long (but fun) drive to Buffalo, made clear by the buffalo statues. We made our way through security with only one little scuffufle involving a suspicious-looking giant gummy bear... 

Excitement building, especially for those who have not flown before, we board our plane around noon. Shortly thereafter, we took off and made our way to New York. Shortly before one o'clock, we reached our via point, and made our way to the next gate, where we would then proceed to fly out to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic! 

After roughly three and a half hours of flight, and filling out a few forms, we had finally reached our destination! Or so we thought... 

We stepped off the plane, and immediately felt the warm, humid air, despite it being 7:00pm in the country (one hour ahead of Ontario). Immediately after leaving the airport, we found our driver and guide, where we then piled on a mini-bus/van. As it turned out, we still had more than an hour drive to the center we are staying at. 

About halfway through our drive, we stopping for pizza at Domino's (a familiar place), which we thought was even better than in Canada. We then continued on our drive. 

Let's just say, driving in the Dominican is a lot crazier. But thankfully we have good drivers who get us places safely, and in one piece. And in the end, we finally made it to the place we will be staying for the next week. 

11:00pm, tired and ready to drop, we head to our rooms and do just that...


P.S. The Wi-Fi here is not very great, so posts may be delayed a day or so (such as this one) and more pictures are definitely yet to come!


Karla Maria
Mar 10, 2017 at 4:50 pm

Thanks for the update team. I'm sure your first day was a tiring one. Hoping you are feeling rested now and ready for the week ahead!

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